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#296 Something Right

When you do something right, there will always be people who dislike it, despise it, sneer at it.


I just had a thought. Jack is most scared of other people; who are a reflection of someone he can never be. The fear succumbs him to spread rumors about those people. 75 more words

Poetry For Redemption(my Redemption)


A little poem from my pen bled.

Not a long or short poem, it was said!

My pen put dots, comma, question mark and the rest! 101 more words


Melting, Melded, Molded, Mush

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Melting, Melded, Molded, Mush

Been movin’ ‘round so much… 476 more words

Very Long Verse

did you ever...

did you ever want something so bad it hurt…

I remember the day I received an envelope in the mail and I knew it housed a response that would change my life…I held it, I shook it, I tried to peek through it…I ripped it open in front of my mother and thought I can’t read this…what if, what if it says what I don’t want to hear…trying to hone in on my psychic abilities I tried to figure out the words that I refused to see…I saw congratulations but I read we’re sorry to inform you…I was shocked…I was elated…I was stunned…my world was about to be turned upside down…and I loved it… 1,271 more words

Realigning the heart and the mind

I am sick of your excuses
I am sick of your tantruns
Sick of your indecision
Sick of your pickyness
I am just sick of your being… 30 more words


I Despise Not Travelling

At some or the other point in time, one reaches a set of beliefs and understanding enough to bucket-list items that either make them feel alive or simply don’t. 500 more words