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How Attitudes & Actions Affect The Prophetic


Quite often churches and groups of people get frustrated because they long to see a Prophetic Move of God in their midst but don’t see it. 1,778 more words


Why I despise humanity

People… They come to you to gain your trust and make it seem like it’s true, they lie to you, they cry to you and after a while despise you , it makes you want to go back in time and prevent your parents from creating you. 304 more words


Do not smirk, they are humans
Do not laugh, they are His creations
Do not disdain, for you would be neglected in Mashyar

Black sheeps are everywhere, you’cant deny. 30 more words

Sunday was a soul searching day I went to church and was okay but as I looked around I started to notice all the happy families and all the ladies there that were married all there husbands looked proud of them it made me wonder what I did for him to not be proud of me the only time I remember seeing him proud of me was when I had given birth but it never lasted long, one must ponder why I had so many kids I think that played a big part of it. 278 more words


Have you ever hated something so much that you just wanted to destroy it?  I mean full out mutilate it.  Take every ounce of it’s existence out of the world.   172 more words

"In this material world, which advances like a river that carries away the living entity, all people become friends, relatives and enemies in due course of time. They also act neutrally, they mediate, they despise one another, and they act in many other relationships. Nonetheless, despite these various transactions, no one is permanently related." SB 6.16.5

No one is permanently related until one realizes that all souls are part of the Supreme, and then everyone becomes family. Until one’s consciousness expands to include all of creation, one will take repeated birth and death until one has the realization that they have been walking in everyone’s shoes.  28 more words

Tools of Successful Submission- "Wives & Women of God –Don’t Despise the Day of Small Things!”

This topic brings forth so many thoughts that I want to communicate  but clarity of thought is essential in ensuring your communicative objectives are met. So, as I was thinking about the steps that you have walked with me over the last three and half months on the journey of Successful Submission, I believe it is time to take evaluative measures of your marriage. 574 more words