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So Far Away

Have you ever felt that your in a place where you despise each and every single person around you? Well, currently am dealing with something of that sort, wish I get outta here as soon as possible but no matter how fast I rush up things I will have to stay for 6 fat months in my hometown, It’s not about the place I reside, It’s about the freaky people who i meet in my daily life, that seriously pisses my mind off! 42 more words

Cargo Cult Christmas (vent)

I really despise Christmas time (HUMBUG!) I ve just realized that my childhood Christmases were equivalent to the cargo cults described in Richard Feynman s famous commencement address; after WW2, locals on remote Pacific islands had seen what happened when strangers arrived and cut long clearings in the bush, erected funny huts and lit fires allong side the clearings at night – flying things with all sorts of good things inside them came and landed. 18 more words

Not Soon Enough

To be placed in saint’s clothing as if death redeemed

The unresolved battles that forced childhood screams

From the mouths of his children starvation abounds… 137 more words