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Reforming Youth

As part of the ministry the Lord has graciously given me, I lead a youth group at my local church, and have been doing so for the last four years. 568 more words


Potency in Dark

The Ferris wheel dipped laconically into the eastern sea,
Each seasoned circle slipped away as carnies preyed upon their marks.
I watched from a great distance at those who frolicked around me; 128 more words


I Hate Hate

There aren’t a lot of people that can honestly say they haven’t felt the intense emotion that’s hatred.

I know I intensely dislike some people – whom I consider despicable. 329 more words

Negative Emotions

Do you have a heart?

Have you ever known someone that was really annoying? They were rude, unsportsmanlike, selfish, and didn’t seem all that intelligent? Perhaps this person did more and more to reduce their value in your eyes. 319 more words


Dad Despises Vegetarianism

So my friend and I want to become vegetarians. Her mom is accepting of this decision and even buys her meat substitutes. I brought up the topic to my dad by telling him that my friend was a vegetarian. 156 more words


With Distance, My Heart Grows Colder (Rambling Thoughts, Part 11)

Dear Distance,

Why do you even exist? Seeing you in my life is like a sword aiming for my heart and I dislike the evil you bring with you. 289 more words


Dust and Ashes

My flaws, imperfections, & mistakes run deep but dear God, your love for me & my love for you runs deeper. Lord, I’m a sinner who have said & done bad things. 35 more words