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Diced! Dessert Bracket - Pairing 5 - Choose who should move on to the next round.


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Chocolate-Swirled Coffee Meringues

Meringues are one of my favorite things to bake. I love how just a few simple ingredients—egg whites (often leftover from another recipe), sugar, and flavorings—come together to make something that tastes so great. 223 more words


Aw-wee-oo, Killer Tofu

Soy is one of the oldest and most widespread agricultural crops in the world. Originally native to China, the soybean plant has spread to nearly all of Southeast Asia as well as North and South America. 766 more words


Perfect lemon muffins

Whenever we stumble across an amazing recipe, we love to share it with as many people as we can and we have a really delicious recipe to share with all of you today from Catherine Robinson at… 72 more words


Cardamom shortbread from Anissa Helou's Levant

In a bid to stop the ever-growing piles of cookbooks evicting me from my own home, I’m making an Easter resolution of sorts, to cook directly from them instead of taking them simply as reading material and “inspiration.” Cookbook sales are at an all time high but cooking homemade meals on a daily basis also seems to be a dying art if some sections of the media are believed; yet I’m sure I’m not the only person who buys cookbooks that go unused, read thoroughly but never daubed in the splashes of an afternoon in the kitchen. 174 more words


Vegetarian Brownies


2 cups cooked black bean, or canned black bean, drained
10 Medjool dates
2 tbsp sesame butter
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup cocoa powder… 89 more words

Recipe Clipping

Recipe: Orange Bundt Cake

Every holiday meal needs a wonderful dessert, right?


And this bundt cake, with just the hint of orange flavor, was completely perfect for our Easter dinner. 507 more words