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Vegan Cinnamon Rolls from Allyson Kramer

Source: http://vegan.about.com/od/Vegan-Breakfast-and-Brunch-Recipes/r/Just-Like-Cinnabon-Vegan-Cinnamon-Rolls.htm

Personal Assessment:  It does taste a lot like the non-vegan cinnamon rolls my mother would make. I would not tag the Cinnabon brand on this.   438 more words


Fudge Brownies by Ardenne Farm: Review of Deliciousness

Holy toledo! I was lucky to get to test bake Ardenne Farm brownies and I can’t say enough positive things.  Not only were they super simple to make, but dog-on delectable. 381 more words

Gluten Free

Kumquat Jam/Marmalade

Recipe Card 
Kumquat Jam

1.5 kumquats
2 orange
3-6 tbls  lemon juice
16 cups water
1kg sugar

Gluten Free

Apple Pie

You’re probably like, “What’s with all the baby’s breath in the pictures?”. Simply, it’s what I had on hand. I said I wasn’t going to take any pictures of my food, but the challenge of learning to use all the little gadgets on a camera is too tempting to pass up ;) 248 more words


Easter Fun!

Happy Easter eve! I’ve been busy today getting things ready for the Easter festivities. I have three Pinterest projects I’m doing this year. Two of them I did today and the other is half way done and will be finished tomorrow. 229 more words


Peaches-N-Cream Protein Ice Cream

This has been quite the week or so! I won’t go into it all, but let’s suffice to stay it has been busy and I’m feeling pretty run down at the moment. 399 more words