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Desserts - Crumb-Topped Butter Cake

Mountain Climbing
After church on Sunday, Doris H. said to me, “I think it’s about time you climbed that mountain.” My thoughts exactly, Doris!

Okay, so you may remember that waaaaay back around the New Year, I made it my goal to… 642 more words


Cherry, almond and vanilla meringue

Summer fruits – I just can’t stop gorging on them. Peaches, nectarines, strawbs, gooseberries – and in particular, cherries. I have become a total Pac-Man, gobbling fruit like I’m chasing those ghosts round the arcade game. 550 more words


Picnic at New Farm Park

Fantastic day reunion with the Schnauzers at New Farm Park! 

Little Monster LOVES fruit! So we bought a few goodies at The Standard Market at  75 more words


Welcome Home Blueberry Pie

There’s a backstory to the title to today’s post. As well, we’re knee deep in blueberry season! Today you will be rewarded with one of the best blueberry pies I’ve ever made! 1,214 more words


Identity Crises Cupcakes

(This recipe was created by horribly mutilating this one from How Sweet It Is. Thanks.)

I felt pretty confused eating these because it felt like I was eating… 256 more words


Banana Loaf with Nutella Swirls

  Bake this little number in no time and have everyone thinking you’re a pro!

Rich in flavor and just the perfect amount of moisture

Banana bread or pancakes are my go to recipes for overripe bananas. 221 more words


Raw Chocolate

I spent nearly eight years working for a large confectionery company.  It was a wonderful place to work (people always ask me if there were oompaloompas, I’m sorry to say there weren’t) and it gave me both a great appreciation of good chocolate and an ambivalence towards it, which may sound like an oxymoron but trust me when you’re surrounded by something for eight years you only want the good stuff and even then only occasionally!  191 more words