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Day 289: Beautiful Nightmare of Being Dead

You probably know those dreams that are so terrible and yet so good at the same time, this is one of them. It’s like a glimpse into a possible future, a future that is to come if I do not change the direction in which I am going. 568 more words

Day 280: Beating the Positive Habit

Today I faced a point where I was facing the possibility of turning my world upside down, by becoming, in my eyes, a human being that has the capability of directing a learning process every waking moment. 201 more words

7 Year Journey To Life

Day 255: Opening the point of Dis-connection


Day 255: Opening the point of Dis-connection


A point came up in the recent Atlantean interviews on the construct of insecurity – which is the point of how massive and overwhelming an energy can seem through the conscious mind – and looking at this point, and listening to the Atlanteans, I realized how much I have actually been responsible for inferiorizing myself as a reaction to myself within my approach and relationship to my own process and realizations – where in seeing a point – and how it applies to me, rather than just simply writing out what I see when I look at it, instead I have put so much attention onto it in my mind, that I have added more and more energy to it – and mulling it over, and over in my mind, have come to all sorts of various realizations of how hugely significant and important and crucial this point is, and has been, and how it has played out over the course of my whole life, and has been lurking there in every moment of every day, till I get into such a relationship with this point that I think in my mind that in order to write it out and in order to release myself from this accumulated energy – that I am going to have to do this massive work of writing, that I am going to need this super-clear perspective of myself, that in my overwhelmed state I am going to need to call on qualities of specificity and meticulousness and patience and such super strong determination and resolve, and unshakeable stability – that I then in this design go on to see that I do not have, that I have not developed yet, that are beyond me, and along with all of that and within it a fear that if I do not get to all of this, do not root out and visit and forgive and correct every single tiny detail of it, then it will all have been a waste of time, a failure of self change, and so in this cycle more and more I engage with justifications and reasons and persuasions towards and into giving in and giving up on myself. 1,134 more words

Day 277: What Nobody Tells You About Education

Regarding my experience with education, it has become a silent arms race against each other where learning techniques are kept secret (unless one look in the right places with the right amount of money), and where common sense does not prevail. 1,196 more words

Day 254: On Deconstructing Patterns

Day 254: On Deconstructing Patterns



Day 254: On Deconstructing Patterns

On “Deconstructing the patterns that we have accepted and allowed to constitute our reality” – within this statement is contained so much – these are some of the words Bernard Poolman used as a banner on  483 more words

How The Living Income Guaranteed Will Reduce the Inherent Self Doubt of the Human- An Artists Journey To Life: Day 657

I am grateful to have a job working as an artist. Not allot of people have this privilege. I went to art school and did allot of art up to about the age of 26. 899 more words