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To My Circle

The strength of my circle isn’t a coincidence nor luck, it’s God given talent. I ignored all the people that said “our heart is our greatest deceiver” and received the greatest hearts. 13 more words



My heart stopped beating the moment she walked out the door. I collapsed to my knees as if I were praying for redemption. Fell to my back, eyes wide open without sight, sound, or words. 49 more words


The Village

At a young age, I fell In-Love with honesty, and at that moment I knew I would be respected, but ostracized. Telling harsh truths allows my spirit to grow, but alienates my body; leaving few to understand the way I Love, while others watch from afar wondering how the few can maintain our relationship. 50 more words



This morning at the gym I seen a man with one arm coming out the pool; first emotion was compassion, but then thought that is worse than laughing. 228 more words


Spoon Feed

Anything complex can be said simply; anything simple can be made complicated. I can see why something complex can be broken down to its simplest form; so it can feed everybody. 38 more words


Create Me

Create me how you would like me to be.
Start with the way I stare at you during the passionate nights,
to the crazy nights of passion; 41 more words



Why glance when you want to stare? Why walk when you rather stay? These games aren’t going to lure me in. My heart wants to spend the rest of its existence next to a heart that agrees to co-exist. 91 more words