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Jesus/God alone knows our paths

He knows where we come from and where we’ve been  and what we’ve done and are doing with what we’ve been provided. He knows where we are on our paths and their destinations. 18 more words


4 Film Favorites: Final Destination (Final Destination, Final Destination 2, Final Destination 3: Special Edition, The Final Destination)

Final Destination, Final Destination 2, Final Destination 3, and The Final Destination (2009) FINAL DESTINATION INCLUDES: • Widescreen Version • Director/Writers/Editor Commentary • Cast Commentary • 5.1 Isolated Score Audio Track with Commentary by Composer Shirley Walker • Additional Scenes and Alternate Endings • 2 Featurettes: Test Screenings and Premonitions • 2 Games: Death Clock and Psychic Test • Theatrical Trailer • Subtitles: English (Main Feature.Bonus Material/Trailer May Not Be Subtitled.). 124 more words

"Only real travelers can handle the pressure and exhausting feeling that comes from being a stand by passenger"

It’s been far over 24 hours since I left my house in Brooklyn, NY. I was at JFK aaaalll day yesterday. No hope. Accompanied by about thirty other stand-by passengers. 324 more words

Dukljanski Vrtovi

Dukley Gardens – a luxury complex of residences, situated on the picturesque peninsula, Zavala, in Budva, Montenegro by Veri Veroza Photographer in Montenegro

Veri Veroza

Infinity Pool

This place exists and I’ve been there! Tai O Village is amazing, I just wish I had more time to spend on recreational activities like this one before I leave, but I am sure to come back!


"We must make the choices that enable us to fulfill the deepest capacities of our real selves." — Thomas Merton

Recently, I’ve had  lot of time to consider the following: Am I making all the right choices? I’ve read so many blogs, articles, editorials that pose this cliché but somewhat elusive question. 369 more words



Lately, I’ve been looking up at the sky and seeing planes wondering where they’re heading…I think it’s time for a vacation. I’m going to start planning from now. 37 more words

Exposure & Experience