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Kindred Hearts

O my kindred soul
Be quiescent for awhile
For the heart’s destiny beckons
Echoing across the sky


You gotta put your behind in your past

First off, points to anyone who recognized the title as a quote from The Lion King! (Timon correcting Pumbaa)

This is a new and updated version of my post by the same name on my BlogSpot account. 675 more words


“Destiny is as destiny does. If you believe you have no control, then you have no control.” –Wess Roberts


Allow me to Digress

A short poem related to my feelings,and based on the following quote:

“We must be careful of what we pretend to be because we are what we pretend to be.” -Kurt Vonnegut… 102 more words

Change: Don't be Afraid of Your Greatest Gift

The ability to change is one of life’s greatest gifts and can be one’s greatest fear.

It is easy to sit comfortably in one’s daily routine and wish for something better. 132 more words

Our Times are in Your Hand

Three years ago today I was in a very different place. I was sitting in a hospital prayerfully waiting for the arrival of a preemie granddaughter. 687 more words

Everyday Eternity

Jesus called real people, living real lives, with real problems and real temptations to be in this real world…but to be really different.

Look at who He picked to hang out with Him while He introduced life in Heaven to life on earth: 456 more words