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All about you...

Knowing all about you… even if you didn’t want to tell me…

I know you without hearing any words from you.
I know you without seeing your eyes. 173 more words


Haha what do you do when you have a bad driver?

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The story I never told you....

I know most people that read my blog do it because of my sad love stories, but it is hard to write something sad when I am feeling truly happy with my love life at the moment. 434 more words


8 Tips for Players Easy To Play Destiny Beta

The Destiny Public Beta began on July 17, 2014 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 platforms, before going offline for maintenance on July 21 and 22. 717 more words


A Brief Summary of Four Types Destiny Damage

There are four Damage Types so far that we know: Kinetic (white damage), this is what an ordinary weapon with no elemental properties deals, Solar (red damage) equivalent to fire damage, Arc (blue damage), comparable to lightning damage, and Void (purple damage) dark or gravity damage. 331 more words


Destiny Glimmer Details Interpretation For Beta Version

Destiny Glimmer is the currency used in Bungie’s latest game, Destiny and it’s something you’ll need to get your head around quickly if you’re to succeed in the Destiny beta. 759 more words