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Bungie Says It Won't Replicate Their Mistakes With New DLC

Bungie didn’t have anything new to announce regarding their upcoming expansion House of Wolves, but they did say they’ll be approaching Destiny’s loot reward system differently with the new expansion than they did with The Dark Below. 129 more words

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Reset day in Destiny

Today is reset day just like every other Tuesday. All weekly rewards and progressions get reset until next Tuesday. Being so 1st thing to do is the Nightfall strike of course so you can take full advantage of the XP buff it gives upon completion along with the change of exotics and legendaries. 148 more words

A letter to myself on this day 1/27/2015

Dear 29 year old Gloria,
Get your fire back! Remember all those things you aspired to do and work your butt off towards making things happen! 428 more words


Your presence my present
Gift overflowing
From past to future
Your essence a faint scent
Drift now blowing
My mind into a stupor

Your image my imagination… 16 more words


Had a bit more fun with Destiny tonight

I jumped right back into matchmaking Strikes tonight, and I had a lot better luck as I was matched with people interested in actually playing the game! 200 more words

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Destiny Share Do You Know What The Darkness Actually Is?

“Darkness” sounds more like a concept than an actual thing. Maybe that’s intentional. Maybe the darkness isn’t real in the way we think it’s real. Or at least, I’m starting to reconsider what I think I know about the darkness after reading a theory penned by Redditor AlphaLupi. 887 more words


'Borderlands' Characters Jump Height And Movement Is Framed Around Halo From Destiny

Gearbox Software’s Borderlands franchise is arguably the standard for loot-based FPS games and many of its mechanics have carried over into over series like Call of Duty and Destiny. 241 more words