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The secret of Epsom salts

Often used in flotation tank therapy , Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) ease muscle cramps and gently exfoliate skin.

A magnesium deficiency can create feelings of lethargy,cramps,anxiety,loss of appetite and is often misdiagnosed as something else. 488 more words

Beauty Reviews

Road Trip!

One of my best friends is getting married this Friday. It’s a small wedding and I am excited to be on the wedding list. With everything that is going on in our world, it turns out I am going to have to go alone. 172 more words


Laws of Sanity

With a new position at work I find myself just mentally exhausted lately. I have not taken the time to do the things that help to keep me centered like clearing my clutter, blogging, studying my books that keep me at peace, journaling or even my crafty side like crocheting. 141 more words



The heat is part of the reason and so is the sudden downpour; there was this freak storm that hit Bekasi last week, which left everyone soaking wet and stranded in school. 343 more words

When The Blues Hit

The Job's Garden of Eden by Rachel Chitra

I stumbled across this refreshingly delightful work of writing on a friend’s wall. Turns out the author is a mad hatter with dog(s) and kid in tow living a charmed life while she moonlights as a journalist. 1,476 more words

Here And There

Unexpected Week!

I feel like I have disappeared for a few days. I have had a slew of things hit me all at once and I just have had no computer time in result. 104 more words



Last week the rain came at last. Dark clouds drifted over from the west and it began to bucket down. We went to sleep to that much-loved sound of rain on the tin roof. 283 more words

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