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Love can be a cruel but yet rewarding
Time can destroy but yet heal

Life is never said to be fair

Why do we do that? Why take it for granted?

Why does it seem so human nature to take so many things for granted? Why does it seem ok to some of us to piss away a life that we only get one of? 714 more words


The “Humanitarian War” against Libya: How the West Destroys Countries and Creates “Failed States”

The Art of War

Source: Global Research, by Manlio Dinucci, August 28, 2014

While Libya lies in flames, with thousands of men, women and children, driven by desperation, trying every day to cross the Mediterranean — and many of them will lose their lives – Italy’s President Giorgio Napolitano issues this warning: “Beware of the outbreaks all around us,” starting with the “persistent instability and fragility of the situation in Libya.” (aletheiaonline.it, July 12) 396 more words