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I Believe - 1 (poem)

I believe the universe is seeded,
That life will find a way.

But either we destroy ourselves,
Or fade to background grey.


"The Destroyer"

The foul beast set out to destroy
All in its’ path, gathering its’ kin to employ
Fear and tyrannical methods, they used
To strike to the heart of the people, they confused… 149 more words


Why the change train is better then the golden castle

Simplify your life and thrive. Building up your pension plans into infinity is often times counterproductive in terms of personal and spiritual development. The change train has its ups and downs. 170 more words

Personal Evolution

All are One

Disparity brings hate ~ don’t separate.


Will Technology Destroy Mankind?

Author: peace chinwe opara

When the world was created, there was no technolgogy but yet MAN survived. MAN walked on barefoot and travelled miles: then MAN starts to realise that it will be much better if someone else do the trekking so he can sit and enjoy the ride. 877 more words


A Look at Our Multiverse - The D.U.M.P.P.

I step outside our office, and I just gaze at our multiverse. Everything we have created, and are still creating, right there. The 85 Zone is what we call it, and it is the light of our lives. 235 more words


Greece's Electoral Theodicy: The Worst of all Possible Worlds

Those “whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” The Greek middle classes, who, with inimitable stupidity, voted for the multi-factional neo-communist party of Syriza, deserve their fate. 42 more words