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Destroy The Page

The stranger stood in front of us,

His back was straight and head held high,

He knew exactly what he wanted,

And told us we could reach the sky. 43 more words


Wheel Talk | Jaoa Danaikrit 35mm

A sick shot of Jaoa with a footjam tailwhip at the Alameda skatepark. More shots on Wheel Talk.

Photo by Matt Reyes



“It still amazes me that Hoblins can breed when it is in their nature only to destroy.  I use the word ‘nature’ loosely, of course; there is nothing ‘natural’ about Hoblins.”


Lord Christopher Dayspring.


Where Are You Movie Executions? Near...We Swear!

So, we’ve been harping about a new feature for a while now: Movie Executions–a video feature where we destroy a copy of a terrible movie that deserves to be punished. 89 more words


The Gentleman who didn't care about make up

A gentleman so fair and fun
Asked me out for a date and more
Just the kind of man I’ve longed for
Praying and hoping and wishing he came. 154 more words


Creating confusion

is there creation in
destruction or
is it just
make things,
break things,
reorganize things
constants in change
as functions remain
do what is known… 10 more words


Will Artificial Intelligence Destroy Us?

Advancements in the field of artificial intelligence are exciting, and they could make the world a better place. However, not everyone agrees with that. Tara…
by Internet Archive Book Images