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PTSD Is Destroying My Relationship

I have cPTSD. My carer is fatigued. Symptoms are high most days and I am battling to keep them under control. I am ruining our lives. 75 more words

Do you have it in you?

I don’t know why, for some reason I found myself believing that we are all monsters underneath. Ugly, selfish, “always right” kind of monsters. And not only to ourselves, but again, a repeating theme of “I do it to myself” 396 more words

Still Able To Think?

The Orphan I Am Chronicles - 124

An Unpleasant Cycle – Ferguson

This is the type of blog I didn’t want to write, I wanted so much to avoid it for many reasons, one which is the ugliness that accompanies the actions of a person or persons who may have committed a foul, due to either his or her irresponsible action which in itself creates a chain reaction, in this case, a young man, for whatever reasons, decided to go into a store, steal some cigars and from that point, a series of events take place, him pushing the employee who at that time was in charge of the store. 884 more words

Life Or Something Like That.

President Bill Clinton: Why the Minimum Wage Should Be Raised

It should also be pointed out that tax cuts for the rich destroy jobs, because the rich take their ill gotten gains, and purchase legislation from politicians to ship jobs overseas, which does not create jobs, but destroys them, at least here in the United States. 38 more words


#AceWorldNews – GAZA STRIP – Nov.13 – Israeli naval boats on Wednesday evening fired at and sank a Palestinian fishing boat in the sea off the coast of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. 91 more words


Forgiving others sets us free, otherwise we would be stuck in anger, resentment, hatred…