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An Insignificant Twig

It comes down softly at first, the rain. It called to her with its gentle whisper, its cleansing hand beckoning her out into its welcoming embrace. 643 more words

Short Stories

Humans and Human Nature in a few minutes

Hey lovely folks! Check out this video about what our proud race is really all about. And my personal opinion about this vid is: Fucking True! 15 more words


My life has been colored by depression.  There is a darkness to almost every memory, to each day.  Even when the sun is shining, there is a fog over me that influences the way I think and see things.  966 more words

Cowboys and Indians

Remember when?
Cowboys and Indians
was just a game?
Then we got older
Realized it’s more morbid
The way land was fought over
Now here we are… 30 more words

Dilated Pupils

Day114- It'll buff out

This is genuinely the first 30 mins of a digital painting im working on for a speed art video featuring next car game

A closer look: The potential of youth

Inspired by AIESEC conference in Sweden I was reminded by the tremendous potential in the youth. The youth today have tremendous potential to change the world. 642 more words

Values In Action

Warlocks of Draenor: Patch Note Updates?

I’ve decided all future warlock-related WoD posts will be called Warlocks of Draenor, ’cause heck I read Warlords of Draenor as that half the time. 721 more words

World Of Warcraft