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“Love Life or Sentenced to Death, it’s my path to hell”

“Why we compare them with others, we stick to them and want to with them forever but do they understand it, we try to understand our love ones from every corner and try to make them come over it but do they try for you, we fight for our love, we say why you stare to others when I am with you, why we can’t understand or trust or have faith on him/her, why we desperately want to meet her/him but they don’t understand us, why we hear all allegations from them and still love them like hell till we exist, why?” 379 more words


"A Different Kind of Thanksgiving"

I recently heard a Native person (of which tribe escapes me at the moment) say, “We’ve never heard an apology.” His story brought me to tears. 418 more words


Love > Hate

The world has become an uglier place. First, we destroyed our environment and now, we are destroying one another. How do we let ourselves live in a place like this? 112 more words

Of Reactions to Reactions

Can Newtown explain Ferguson? In reflecting on the physical world, Sir Isaac Newton wrote that “to every action there is always opposed an equal reaction”. Born in 1642 and yet connected to the here-and-now. 216 more words


The Steward/Preacher: More LNG Terminals For B.C. ~ More First Nations On The Roll Call Of Shame

While the environmental approvals are another step forward for British Columbia’s fledgling LNG industry, numerous hurdles remain before any new pipelines or terminals are built in the Pacific coast province.

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Mother Nature



You wake up burning.

The fingers around you singed to the tips,

begging you to turn their ash into words.

You wonder where the smoke was. 113 more words



Bound and gagged
but they did not perceive

What the order did
over the centuries

Thought they escaped
but they were fooled you see

Harmed through… 66 more words