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It feels different when it happens in your country

With the attacks on Parliament Hill today there came a whole slew of thoughts and feelings. Terrorism was always that trumped up thing that happened elsewhere; it was an American concern. 287 more words

Current Events

A Morning at Fred Howard Park

Fred Howard Park – Tarpon Springs, Florida

Let me sit here for awhile I thought
contemplating the morning sea
the cloudless sky, the yellow shore… 100 more words


To create or to destroy?


This is a question which is useful in our current situation because you hear people talking about “economic growth” as if it’s a magic formula for every country: “Economic growth is the key to developing a country, to making people happy in that country, to raising their standard of living.” 1,048 more words

Anomie (bubble-living)

Home Grown Saints

Day 22 of OctPoWrimo! Almost. There.

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Internal Destruction

By Karen Polich

Pastor Michael Cook’s Restore sermon series brings us to Nehemiah Chapter 5. (Listen to the podcast here.)

Here we learn that the fight continues, but this time it is not from an outside enemy. 396 more words

Taming a hummingbird ???

I have recently been bombarded by multiple social/ publication networks when an onslaught of articles or video with content on how to tame a hummingbird ( glad to see the trending tool still works.) Nonetheless, I took some time to read through a few and found them to be quite ingenious and rather amusing to the common man who may not have the slightest idea of how to even catch a bird, let alone a hummingbird.  561 more words

The Locker

Prophetic word given to Steve Quayle –
early morning hours upon waking – May 17th- 2014.

In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. 670 more words