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Final Creation

An art so powerful, God locked it away within the heavens. Now, the Creator has realized his true power.

I have seen, with my perfect eye, just what’s wrong with this world. 110 more words


Gbadu's Song

Aanteekwa heard a voice like
wind chimes and drums colliding
above their heads. It sang:
Hear me, O children of Earth!
My eyes are closed no more:
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New Blog (for fun)

I just want to let any readers of this blog know that it will be on hiatus until next school year, when I hope to get involved in the Food Security/Social Justice committee. 46 more words

The Smoke-Ghosts of Art

Julian Bell, “When Fire Claims a Lifetime’s Work,” The Guardian (Review, p. 21) 19 April 2014

“Every painter’s nightmare”, other painters have been telling me, and one that comes real for quite a few artists, placing me in too good company, among the smoke-ghosts of art: all the legendary masterpieces of ancient Greece and China; epoch-making works by Mantegna, Titian and Courbet; oeuvres such as those of Carel Fabritius (wiped out in Delft’s gunpowder disaster of 1654) or of Thomas Theodor Heine (in the bombing of Leipzig in 1944), scant traces suggesting the brilliance that was lost. 77 more words

Phantom Books

Druidry and destruction

One of nature’s lessons is that new life depends upon the collapse, death and decay of the old. Destruction and creation go hand in hand and are mutually dependent. 355 more words


Teutonic Terrors: German Thrash Classics

I’ve developed a bit of a thing for German thrash in the past few days. Germany do thrash better than everyone else. That’s just fact. Brazil is a close second, but Sodom, Kreator and Destruction have been, for me, much better and more consistent than any of the Big Four. 228 more words