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O my eyes
Why wont you see?
I am not blind, and death, still hasn’t taken me.
I walk the earth
And take you with me… 117 more words


The Power and the Authority of God...

Or the Power and the Authority of Government

Sunday Pulpit Message by Pastor David Rey Limas

The entire history of the early church in the Book of Acts is the story of how believers refused to surrender the authority of Christ to any human authority–including civil government. 5,198 more words

Ripping of it All

Another personal poem written straight from my crippled heart. Forgive the dramatics but to truly feel my words, you must know my world crumbled a long time before I had a chance to be.  145 more words


Old Buzzards in Congress

Have Got to Go!

It is becoming quite obvious that all these old buzzards are losing their abilities, sensibilities, responsibilities, and some are showing serious signs of mental breakdown, or senility and dementia. 977 more words


The Emperor of Dust. I build such great and vast empires, but I get bored and I burn them down and reduce them to dust. Every great thing finds its reduction.

If only I had been recruited by the FBI or Illuminati or CIA at a young age....

Sometimes I feel that I must have some sort of personality or character flaw.

I get so bored with basically everything in my world I become destructive, physically, mentally, emotionally, all of it. 125 more words