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Avoid The Negative Spirit.....

 How do you avoid negative people? Well first we have to identify them, considering we are surrounded by them, and not aware of it!  Negative people are the ones that will probably leave you with feelings of doubt, pangs of guilt, or take away from your self-worth. 16 more words


Too Timid

You drink to forget

How I stumbled into town, all loose and full of solipsism,

And I made you laugh with my drunkenness.

Was it pity that caused you to take me in? 116 more words


Divine Parents Worship Day On 14th February:A Pioneering Initiative Taken By H.H.Asharamji Bapuji.

“Parents” are the most precious and priceless gift given by god to you. No love is greater than mom’s love; no care is greater than dad’s care .A newly born baby is a helpless creature but only with the efforts of his parents is able to see the world, they wrapping you in the blanket of love, affection and care, they teach you how to survive most efficiently in this world of hustle and rustle. 812 more words

Parent's Worship Day

Moving Through Shame

Shame is one of the most destructive emotions I have met.  It has the ability to make our internal commentator turn in to the devil and tear ourselves apart with hurtful words we would never say to another soul. 476 more words

What was I supposed to say

We used to have long, interesting conversations and enjoy being together. You told me I was too good to be true.

At some point, you decided I talked too much, and would get frustrated if I would answer any question with anything other than a yes or no. 409 more words

Things I did this week I shouldn’t have

1- Broke my new year’s resolution of detoxing and eating clean by devouring a bag of Kettles Handcooked Salt & Pepper crisps.

2- Got way too drunk at a party where one of my best friends was DJ-ing. 886 more words


All the things that I wish I could say, but am way too cowardly to ever speak aloud:

Why is it that stable loves are never the ones anyone wants to talk about?  

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