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This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

I don’t know if all kids are destructive but my cousins have a knack for destroying almost everything in their general vicinity. I’m not even sure they need to have direct contact with it in order for things to just suddenly break. 120 more words


Highlight video: How to break dysfunctional or hurtful family patterns

Click below to watch this 6 minute video highlight from our lesson at Squadron of Sisters:


Breaking free from family dysfunction-Part 2 (podcast)

On this talk show:  How to break free from destructive, dysfunctional or unhealthy family patterns – Part 2 (Debbie and Sarah)


Nov 21 Debbie podcast link


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I am answering a Frequently Barked Question (FBQ) this week.

FBQ: Are Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, or Great Pyrenees, destructive?

Clowie: My short answer to that is that a contented and trained adult Pyrenean Mountain Dog is not destructive. 606 more words

Great Pyrenees

Consumerism for Men I

I strongly believe that a lot of what’s wrong in with the world are the systems that most people seem to accept as a given. One of these systems (which was set up by other people in order to make money) is consumerism. 413 more words


The possibility of life between us....

It isn’t that to have an honorable relationship with you, I have to understand everything, or tell you everything at once, or that I can know, beforehand, everything I need to tell you. 66 more words

Highlight video: Recognizing destructive family patterns

Click below to watch a 5 minute video clip from Squadron of Sisters that will help you determine if a pattern is healthy or unhealthy in your family line…