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The Magician’s Challenge

Her tears are crystals too – clear, radiant, sharp, cutting – yet they do not crease her smooth features


she pretends not to hear you… 194 more words

Words That Link Together


One of the news items, in fact, it was reeled as a Breaking News item, last weekend was the Ceasefire Deal that was entered into by the FGN with Boko Haram. 1,045 more words

Positive or Negative Words.

Look back over today and consider the following questions.

Write your responses and insights in your journal.

Have your words been positive or negative?

Have your words been constructive or destructive?


Jealousy is incompatible with the erotic life… [Topics in LovePlay (Chp. 2)]

The main male character in LovePlay believes jealousy is a useless and destructive emotion. It’s not his green monster, nor is it his wife’s gremlin. In his words, “I’d be a freakin’ fool to think others don’t see what I see or don’t desire what I do.” He says this about the reaction others have toward Jill, his wife. 34 more words


it's time.

i graduated from la europa academy in 2008. completed the program in april(ish…..i think).

when i came home i had 2 options:

a. therapy 2x/week and a transition program with a mentor i met with at least once every week… 454 more words

The World Through My Eyes


Every time she meets someone new, her walls are built as high up again. She constantly questions herself and others, why anyone would even get close, when it’s absolutely clear how that can never be a good idea and it will definitely not end well. 308 more words


first on the scene
hoop maker pit layer
always helping