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it's time.

i graduated from la europa academy in 2008. completed the program in april(ish…..i think).

when i came home i had 2 options:

a. therapy 2x/week and a transition program with a mentor i met with at least once every week… 454 more words

The World Through My Eyes


Every time she meets someone new, her walls are built as high up again. She constantly questions herself and others, why anyone would even get close, when it’s absolutely clear how that can never be a good idea and it will definitely not end well. 308 more words


first on the scene
hoop maker pit layer
always helping

Hatred: This is Gonna Be Bad

Few things shock and amaze in the videogame world. Hatred just might be one of those things.

Hatred isn’t truly new. The idea of going on a rampage has been in video games for a while now. 103 more words


The Male Ego and Female Oppression

The Destructive Image of Male “Superiority”

By Shane Stewart

Excerpt from; “The Female Imperative” – Shane Stewart – T. L. Dayen – Confessions of a Male Chauvinist Pig – Pg 17. 2,258 more words

Male Ego

Brokenness Series 2

We began to explore the topic “Brokenness” together in my last post and we are moving on.

Every act of God under the sun is a revelation of God either of His nature or His sovereignty. 489 more words

Spirit Food


Destructive trait strikes

I press the big red button

My world stops spinning

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