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Monster, a tale of destruction

Sometimes you have to look in the mirror…. sometimes the thing staring back at you is terrifying.  I have become a monster a destroyer and consumer of hearts. 768 more words


Vicious Circle

I eat junk because I feel low.
I feel low because I feel ugly.
I feel ugly because I eat junk.

And the cycle continues.

Destruction, Addiction.

Our hands touch but it feels nothing like it used to,
That burning sensation came to a stop long ago and as close as our bodies are as close as they could get the mental attachment, our bond, has disappeared, arms linked together but our emotional  cages have locked eachother out, we’re stuck in a car with square wheels its like polish without the shine. 595 more words

Should Gutter Rags Mail and Mirror be BANNED from Leeds United? - by Rob Atkinson

Short and sweet this one, folks (at least my trolls will be pleased…)

Many of you will have read my occasional rants about the gutter end of the national press and their entirely destructive attitude towards Leeds United. 285 more words


Emerald Ash Borer Larva Discovered in Muscatine County

MUSCATINE, Iowa — Officials with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources say the larva of an invasive beetle has been found in Muscatine County.

That brings the total of Iowa counties the Emerald Ash Borer has been confirmed in to 11. 143 more words


What if I owned my own tank?

If I owned a big tank

First place I’d go was the bank

Park it in just the right space

And point it just the right place… 315 more words


Cyclic Twins The twin Pilger tornadoes after they passed through...

Cyclic Twins The twin Pilger tornadoes after they passed through the small town. The tornadoes would continue on for some time.