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The Passion Cycle

I remember when I was in my twenties and starting out working at a job.  It was a career choice that would have made sense if I would have been cut out at it.  1,131 more words


Criticisms: Constructive vs. Destructive


                Everyone’s a critic, right? Criticism is the act of passing severe judgment as to the merits of anything. It is something we all do sometimes even if we don’t notice it. 609 more words

Nerd Focus


I broke every plate in my apartment, trying to make myself feel better-

like in the movies.

It didn’t work. And now I have to buy new tableware.


The Destruction Principle


In short, The Destruction Principle is:

“Worthless people, in order to validate their egos, but avoid any real work, will take the production, success, and work of others, villainize it, protest against it, and ultimately destroy it. 

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solitudes in astringency

idly not
each instance
is in the passing

it holds
chain of cold-sweats
dripping in rains across
shoulders of stigma
as creepy geckos of ignorance… 75 more words


Looking At Things Differently

I’m learning I have a lot of repressed anger.  It can skew the way I see things.  Sometime’s it can make the world seem like a dark and scary place to be.   558 more words

First of all: I am a wrecking ball (And I'll cause havoc on my soul!)

Why do I care!? I haven’t allowed myself to care. So why do I find myself with this strange, really strange, emotion inside. This caring-thingy!  91 more words