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You’d think mine would be gentle. Soft, tiny little calluses from holding guitars and the occasional garden tool. oval palms, small wrists.

They’re not. 91 more words

Letters To You

Thoughts from a balcony

My new secret hide out
is my balcony.
Of all the thing I’m sure of
Right the fuck now
I’m surest that
in 5 minutes spent on a balcony, a few thoughts can easily go through your mind. 474 more words

Becoming a Puddle

In the past, I really enjoyed who I was. I liked myself a lot. Not saying that I thought I was the greatest person in the world or that if someone didn’t like me they were wrong.. 728 more words


Why Does the Evolved Female Seek “Equality” with the Destructive Male??

Some women tragically sacrifice their own creational consciousness to “becopme like men!”

By Shane Stewart

Modern women are struggling for their “freedom;” something they consider that men already possess. 1,453 more words

Male Ego

"Quit Trashing Obama!"

**Quit Trashing Obama’s Accomplishments. He Has Done More Than Any Other President Before Him.

Here is a list of his impressive accomplishments:

*First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.  601 more words

Enabler Enabling Enabled

I can’t sleep, but that’s no huge secret. I think it’s because I’m returning to school tomorrow. I was originally planned to go back when everyone else did, but I had a court date with my mom. 617 more words

Constructive and Destructive Interference Pt.1

This week while editing a drum track on Protools, I decided to import some previously recording kick-drum samples to add a bit more ‘punch’ to my audio. 296 more words