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Poems from the Past: The Ease of Smiling

This I found on my other blog. I think I was going through a mixed state. I had load of energy to write many dark pieces. 57 more words

Bipolar Stories

Week 4: Compliant/Detached. Sunday

What can I say other than: it was very easy.

We had a weekend full of people; I was at a personal development training in a house in the forest by the lake. 32 more words

Personal Development

Detached and Dissociated

What does it mean to be detached? What does it mean to be dissociated? I personally believe that it means something a little bit different to everyone, and also, that the psych websites and technical definitions have got it a little bit, well, off. 893 more words


Heart Stills (2014)

These are still images of the Technology and Heartache (2014) process. This piece was inspired by Opie’s photography (see Artist Influences). The images were printed on A3, and work well in black and white, as this enhances the clinical, detached atmosphere of the piece; the lack of bright colours evokes lifeless, emotionless connotations. 23 more words


Week 4: Compliant/Detached. Thursday

You will ask, why compliant? It’s something negative. Conformist. Weak.

It will make sense if I explain the opposites I am trying to walk away from: manipulative and willful. 141 more words

Personal Development

Or am I manic?

Although I was diagnosed in 2012 at the age of 26, I still feel like I’m only. Just coming to terms with identifying when I’m up and when I’m down, as well as the reason for the fluctuations. 431 more words

Bipolar Stories

The Old Chapel, Diseworth

Sometime I’m invited to photograph some very interesting buildings, and the Old Chapel in Diseworth is just such a property. Formerly a Wesleyan Chapel it’s now a fantastic 4 bedroom home with some delightful open plan features. 101 more words