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Side line

The real world isn’t always a nice place to be. Often I feel like I’m not even part of it;that  I’m just somewhere on a side line, watching from a distance. 312 more words


Who Can Understand The Burden of a Superhero

I sometimes wonder why we do what we do for people. This evening I decided that If I could, I would reinvent my life as super hero and spend my days saving people from what they do and don’t see before them. 553 more words


The redness faded
When the rose lost its vibrance
Its petals fell off
From the firm stem that held long
Neither light nor air was there



A fully digital sketch done on my tablet with a stylus. It s an easy and quick way of working, I really enjoy it! I used a free app called Sketcher. It s great fun!



I walk on an empty path

Falling on empty thoughts

Ridiculed by my mistakes

Destroyed by his faults

I dance to an empty rhythm

Detached by my emotions… 124 more words

My Poetic Justice

Jesus Tweeting ... Miracles in Your Life

If you want to see miracles in your life, you have to throw away everything in your heart you rely on. You must come to Me as a beggar with no resources of your own. 25 more words

Jesus Tweeting