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17 things about getting close to somone used to being "on their own"...

Sometimes randomized clicks bring you to one of those omnipresent “lists” that fill the interwebs. Some are ridiculous, some are funny, and some are poignant to the point of cutting to the bone. 901 more words


Neither here
Nor there
Looking around
Everyone’s doing
Maybe I’ve achieved
It all
Maybe that’s it
Eyes seeping further
Into the socket… 14 more words

10.12.14 - Don't Take It Personally

One of the greatest threats to future success is current success. You worked hard for what you have today. You dedicated time and made sacrifices. You earned it. 391 more words


She'd Rather Keep To Herself...

She’s upset, you can tell. She’d rather keep to herself, she told you.

So why are you still trying to talk to her? Space is a flimsy word; its meaning can be molded. 249 more words

Case Study 2 - Jason Compson III

Patient Name: Jason Compson III

Patient Information:

Jason Compson III is the father and head of the Compson family, and has four children with Caroline Compson, his wife, these being one daughter, Candace, and three sons, Quentin, Jason IV and Benjy. 529 more words

Case Studies

How Meditation leads to Enlightenment

We have heard about the benefit by practicing meditation. But very few believe from their heart that meditation can serve to bring the divinity from within. 1,803 more words


Facebook admits failings over study

Last updated Oct 3, 2014, 7:19 AM PST

Facebook says it will change the way it conducts research on users of the social network Facebook said it will change the way it does research, but stopped short of apologising for a controversial experiment it conducted this year. 471 more words