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When Do You Detach?

Start Reality:

I feel like I am drowning myself in my own work. It is starting to get out of hand and I need to do something about it. 580 more words

Air travel- written on spew bags (Part 3)

It was a good day to fly.
Signs 4:20 in all things
quite and demurring
I suppose is saw a girl with a strange familiarity… 77 more words


Poppleford Barn

It’s always a great delight to be invited to go and photograph someones home. Photographing Poppleford Barn was an even greater pleasure. This barn conversion is set in open countryside near Hucknall with easy access into Nottingham via the Tram or further afield via the excellent road and rail links nearby. 95 more words



I feel like I’m losing touch with everyone… Am I really that bad? Do I drive people off? I feel like something’s wrong with me like I’m not good enough, or I’ll never be. 111 more words

Awkward Posts

Subliminal Scribble 13

With each passing day, I grow to feel more detached from my surroundings…isolated on a deserted island with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company. 334 more words

Living Paradox

I’m a poem undeciphered

Breathing fire though frozen

Running free but manacled

A mass of contradiction

A rose with thorns

An angel with horns

A sunshine but a¬†gale… 15 more words



I have mentioned before, is not the amount of time that you been with a person but the amount of attention, affection, connection that makes you love a person. 194 more words