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Aku Tak Mau Terikat, Agar Terus Dinamis

Aku kira pada akhirnya kita harus memilih, apakah kita mau menjadi pastor atau domine. Aku katakan pada dia bahwa aku tak ingin punya pacar dalam keadaanku sekarang, karena aku tak ingin membawa pacarku dalam kehidupan yang keras dan kejam. 168 more words

Self Development

Fear of Intimacy.

The loss of my parents. especially the loss of mom  caused me in many ways to retreat back into my shell.

For many reasons I tend to be reluctant to show emotions, like love to others as I find it not safe to be that vulnerable unless I am in a safe environment.  3,117 more words



I’m having one of those days today where I have become more and more detached as the day has gone on. Although I wasn’t fully with it this morning, it was nothing I couldn’t handle – just a little slice of what I knew could be a lot worse. 874 more words


7:D healing journal August 24 2014

Part of what is happening for me, as a person with a gift for healing, is learning how to offer my gift to others, while at the same time learning how to grow and improve my upon my egotistic and emotional responses to the whole process of being involved in a healing for someone. 2,974 more words


No Car... can we do it?

One of our aims for our year in Europe was to live without a car. We had a romantic notion that we could live without a car in Europe given the close distances and extensive, interlinked public transport networks. 320 more words

The art of letting go

One of the most difficult lessons that one has to learn on the spiritual path and in life in general is how to let go. So easy for you to tell someone else, so difficult to do in practice. 953 more words

Personal Journey