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Another Failed Short Story

I am terrible at this. I begin a short story, then I get bored.

I cannot remember a time before slavery. I cannot recall a world before this one.

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The Great Gatsby Remake!

This was done as a school project where we had to create our own version of a Great Gatsby book cover. I looked at the more feminist point of view, and am very pleased with the results! 16 more words


Sekilas tentang Water Puppet Show Hanoi

Dengan menggabungkan musik tradisional, efek cahaya, dan boneka wayang yang mengapung di atas air, kesenian tradisional yang satu ini adalah tontonan wajib ketika anda berlibur di Hanoi. 116 more words


World Building

World building can be a contentious subject among readers and writers. What is it exactly? What does it entail?

For some, world building involves creating a richly detailed, fully realized universe that operates perfectly. 326 more words

When I die, I want to be cremated and have my ashes put in a jar labeled “Magic Fairy Dust”

The Craft of Looking Good

We are now getting to the phase of the project where the amount of time vs. work done seems to be slowing down. However, this is only how it seems, where in actuality, we are being much more focused on the detail and craftsmanship of the pieces we are applying to the project. 147 more words

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