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Friday 30th August

  • In bed – 9.23pm
  • Lights off – 12.13am
  • Woke up – 8.45am

Today was a relax day, and I did lots of cooking too (a korma from scratch, with homemade paneer), so my awareness was attempted at keeping high, though it didn’t work so much, I got distracted by the cooking… failed often, but did try. 636 more words


Dinner at ‘Chilled Red’ in Swanage

My husband (Mr H) and i visit Swanage several times a year, we love it there. Although most of the time we try to be frugal, we stay in a caravan and cook most of our meals, we do occasionally treat ourselves to a meal out. 947 more words


Framing in Progress

Last few days I was working on creating new artwork, and also adding some extra details to the old ones. All of that was followed by framing the artworks… Something that I always keep leaving for the next day. 92 more words

Monday 26th August

  • In bed – 10.22pm
  • Lights off – 11.38pm
  • Woke up – 7.50am

A day of work, writing and singing, all the usual. Dream prep was pretty good, especially through the extremely impromptu trip to see ‘The Little Shop of Horrors’ on stage here. 385 more words


Detailed Lotus Blossom Flower Ring in Sterling Silver, Available in Sizes 6, 7, 8 and 9#7428

A beautiful lotus flower ring with wonderful detailing. These rings are crafted in sterling silver with a combination finish for depth and contrast. For those interested in the Buddhist or Hindu disciplines, these little lotus flowers are a great way to show off your enlightened side. 68 more words

Thursday 22nd August

  • In bed – 9.54pm
  • Lights off – 11.16pm
  • Woke up – 8.01am

I spent today working, writing and finishing a song. I like that I’ve started writing songs again. 468 more words

Unnoticed Dream Sign