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Immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas detained by US border officials

Pulitzer-winning journalist, who in 2011 revealed himself to be an undocumented migrant, was released by the Border Patrol late Tuesday

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Ukrainian bride thrown in prison for entering the US without having finished her paperwork while many thousands of Mexicans cross into the US illegally with impunity

When will white Americans realize that the US government is determined to destroy white America?  Perhaps only after it is too late.  This article discusses how a WHITE Ukrainian bride was locked up in a maximum security prison (not a detention center for immigrants) for not having finished her immigration paperwork (there is, after all, a war going on in her country) while many thousands of BROWN illegal immigrants cross the US’s southern border with impunity.  43 more words


US: Jose Antonio Vargas, an out gay undocumented activist, currently detained in Texas

Jose Antonio Vargas has been detained at the Texas border (Image: Ryan Grim) Share on WhatsApp 0 reader comments

Jose Antonio Vargas, a noted activist for both LGBT rights and the rights of undocumented people, has been detained by Border Patrol in McAllen, Texas after attempting to board a plane to Los Angeles. 82 more words


2 subway employees detained in investigation of deadly Moscow derailment

MOSCOW – Russian investigators say they have detained two employees of the Moscow subway where 22 people died and more than a hundred were injured in a train derailment. 93 more words


Journalist, Activist Released By US Border Patrol

McALLEN, Texas (AP) - Prominent immigration activist and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, who has lived and worked in the U.S. illegally for years, was released by U.S. 674 more words


Bill de Blasio: Jose Antonio Vargas 'exemplifies what America is about'

As Twitchy reported earlier,  proud “undocumented American” Jose Antonio Vargas was detained at McAllen Airport in Texas and taken to the Border Patrol station for processing this morning. 203 more words

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Last Friday I couldn’t take it anymore. I was fed up of my noisy and very messy head that I had decided id put into action the overdose I had been planning. 649 more words