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The Power of Thought

“Go to hell!” Alex said.  He was alone in the room and he said it under his breath, in Hungarian.  Even so, the word hell… 146 more words

Confessions: The Private School Murders

Authors: James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

As though she hasn’t had enough stress in her life with her parents’ recent death, Tandy Angel is now confronted with multiple additional frustrations. 347 more words

Book Review

Sam's Song

Exciting news! The pre-production and printing of Sam’s Song has been completed earlier than expected and the book will now be published a month earlier, on 1.12.2014. 226 more words

Private Eyes

Chapter 36 of Prophecies and Penalties

Free of Lavinia’s control, Emily Fisher has to come to terms with how to use her gift while pursuing Stephen Nash’s murderers. Just when is it fair to influence people to say and do things they wouldn’t do otherwise? 125 more words


It's the Music of the Monday....

The puns!

They’re so bad!

Anyway, writing wise, I’ve started planning out Book Two of the Core War series (still haven’t finished Book One), tentatively titled “Break The Dawn”.   52 more words

Nineteen Galaxies

Slaughter House of Justice: Best Thriller of the Year

The best thriller books end and leave the reader wondering which universe they’re in: the real world or the one the story transported them to. … 475 more words

Chapter 35 of Prophecies and Penalties

Especially after her meeting with the injured Sonia and Stacia, Emily needs some downtime away from the Sacred Lands. To borrow a phrase, Emily is… 81 more words