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Chapter 45 of Prophecies and Penalties

When you understand that suicidal thoughts among the Children of the New Revelation are considered signs of demonic possession, you can understand how shocking it is for Hannah Priest Wyatt, an Instrument of the Divine, to be having such thoughts. 293 more words


Idea 156: Story Writing Extension Task For Early Finishers

Recently I just finished up writing some detective stories with my Year 6 class (which they’ve absolutely loved working on):

Some of my students finished up quicker than others, so I gave them some extra tasks to do as well. 83 more words


Book Review - Maisie Hitchins: The Case of the Stolen Sixpence

Welcome to our second book review: Maisie Hitchins – The Case of the Stolen Sixpence by Holly Webb, illustrated by Marion Lindsay.

First let me share with you what the book has to say about itself. 481 more words

Book Review

What Serial taught us

I was just 30 minutes late meeting a friend because of the final episode of Serial.  It was worth it, and it was completely unsatisfying. 582 more words


Chapter 44 of Prophecies and Penalties

Emily Fisher really, really doesn’t want to be the Prophesied One of the Children of the New Revelation. Pity, then, that at least half a dozen people already know she is. 97 more words


Prophecies and Penalties chapter 43

Murder solved. But one sister is missing, and another is slipping away. Emily Fisher can’t seem to catch a break. And the Divine only knows what the High Council of the Children of the New Revelation has in mind for her. 42 more words


Chapter 42 of Prophecies and Penalties

Emily Fisher has to decide on whether she will become the guardian of the plaza on Sacred Mountain. She also needs to get ready to leave with her sister Elsie and the emotionally shattered Jezebel Johnson. 181 more words