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The Extraordinary Story of the Python and the Priceless Faberge Egg

It was not a surprise to the Inspector of Police, Clapham North District, South London, that the circus brought trouble to the town. What he certainly did not expect was how the ‘trouble’ came about and how it lead to his dismissal from the Force for missing what his Superintendent described as ‘the obvious’. 2,241 more words

An Intellectual Exercise

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Extra-flexible, destined to lose one.

S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Consulting Detective

Behind The Story:

One day I was riding my bike through my neighborhood when all of the sudden I went flying. I didn’t know what happened, or why, or how, I just knew for that split second I was in the air. 133 more words

Behind The Name:

“The Detective Who” sounds like it’s a cross of some other things, apparently, so I’d like to tell you all about why that’s the name. 78 more words


Here’s the current draft of the prologue, let me know what you think!


Dammit! If I don’t do something soon we’ll both be killed! 859 more words

Amethyst Baroness

Of Cats and Men

Of Cats and Men – A Cautionary Tale of Internet Dating

I was on a date, me, Samantha Smith, enquiry agent, thirty-two, petite, good looking – so I’ve been told – a woman who spent four years in an abusive marriage and who now wouldn’t touch a man with a bargepole. 2,199 more words

Sam Smith Private Eye


Well hello there you fine looking human being! Welcome to my blog for my monster of a series about a young detective and his adventures. Well that’s simplifying it some…Here is my (current) back of the book description: 188 more words