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Chapter 24 of Prophecies and Penalties

Emily Fisher is going to be tried by the Children of the New Revelation for corrupting the young and for being a demonolater. She is confined to her residence, not by the High Council, but by her half-sister to protect her from mob violence. 83 more words


Shapes in the Fire

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Ave atque vale, beloved apostle.

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Dear Diary—hot weather lately, + as we both know, that = idiots leaving windows open. 5,238 more words

Consulting Detective

"WORST CASE" - James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge

It is pure detective story, i think I have never read that kind of book before where it is just the case, the investigation, murder, chase and grand finale. 32 more words

One Sentence Review

Chapter 23 of Prophecies and Penalties

Emily Fisher has escaped the spiritual hazards of Sacred Mountain. Now that she’s recovered from her ordeal, it’s time to return to more mundane concerns, such as solving Stephen Nash’s murder. 65 more words


In The Heat of The Night: A Poem

In The Heat of The Night: A Poem

Memories of Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe stories come flooding through my mind
as floods of perspiration fall from my forehead… 298 more words


The Silkworm- Robert Galbraith (J.K.Rowling) Review (Spoilers)

I was excited when I found out that Robert Galbraith was writing another Cormoran Strike novel. I had thought that Cuckoo’s Calling was a single book, not part of a series. 1,116 more words


Chapter 22 of Prophecies and Penalties

Every step she takes, Emily finds her own past curiously intertwined with the murder investigation she is conducting. So she decides to engage in some spadework, to try to understand some of the strange phenomena she’s encountered by retracing her steps. 31 more words