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Because absolute determinism destroys meaningful debate about determinism, destroys the value of science itself and comes with a massive one-sided moral risk, it is a wonder that anyone would bother to argue in favour of it. 470 more words

Our Hidden Self

Are we consciously aware of why we make the decisions we make?


You’re sitting in the doctors office wondering which will take longer – the wait or the actual appointment – when a new patient walks in and drops their planner right in front of you, scattering numerous papers across the floor. 761 more words


But, Why?

God was lonely, I’m guessing. Wanted company.

He built smart computers that did everything right except stop loneliness.

He drank a whole pot of coffee and made computers with free will that looked vaguely like us because they were us. 187 more words

Writing Novels And Stories

I don't believe in free will

Will you choose your next thought? No! To do that would be as Sam Harris says, “To think of it before you thought of it.” Your thoughts are a string of reactions. 227 more words


The things that make us human...

Some people would argue that humanity’s defining characteristic is our intelligence. Hmm. Given our predilection for constantly endangering the future of our species through war, pollution and excessive exploitation of this our very precious, very small, green planet, I am not so sure about all that intelligence. 1,106 more words


What Are the Laws of Nature?

According to modern science, the universe is governed by laws, and it is the job of scientists to discover those laws. However, the question of where these laws come from, and what their precise nature is, remains mysterious. 1,793 more words


Calvinism and Determinism

The link below is to an article that takes a look at Calvinism and determinism.

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