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NoetiTaoism™ and Free Will

Are you an autonomous person capable of making choices? Most people will answer in the affirmative. Yet some philosophers argue that, despite appearance and belief, “free will” is nothing but an illusion—that all of our thoughts and intentions either arise from out of background causes beyond our awareness and control or they emerge as a matter of chance. 789 more words

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Determinism and free will

Everything is deterministic until it is broken by free will.
- TractatusVitae

Who is the author of your actions?

Many reject determinism because they feel that the outcome of a situation is caused by their choice. This is true. A person’s action is essential to the outcome of an event, but that doesn’t grant one any volition in the matter. 214 more words


On Predestination

Two quotes worth pondering:

“How can a person seriously believe that God is love and has given himself up for us on the cross, because he has loved us and chosen us from all eternity and has predestined us for an eternity of bliss in his presence – how can anyone seriously believe this ‘to be true’ and at the same time refuse to love God in return or despair of God’s love?” 43 more words


It's all your fault if the universe goes banana

When Einstein reached heaven, God came personally to welcome him; and first thing the Almighty did was to bring the famous scientist to a casino there. 747 more words


“Does Divine Sovereignty Require Determinism?” A Response

The discussion of this post I am responding to concerns whether or not God’s sovereignty is antithetical to libertarian free will. Brendan comes to the conclusion that these apparently contradictory concepts can be believed simultaneously. 1,802 more words


A note on free will and semantics

I wish to dispute a claim made occasionally in relation to the ongoing philosophical discussion of free will: that the disagreement between those who I shall call ‘irrealists’ (who I take as believing that free will does not exist) and ‘compatibilists’ (who I take as believing that free will exists, but only in some sense which is compatible with determinism [1]) has no substantial content, and comes down to semantic preference. 1,724 more words