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Wiggle room for free will?

Compatabilists! Authors of your own lives—living in a world of partial free will. Wiggling around in your wiggle room—I wish to converse. This will be a look at the problem of free will. 826 more words


Free will

A post here on the question of free will which discusses that it is an illusion that is necessary to enable us better respond to the environment.  154 more words


Happiness 102: You Hold The Power

No situation or person has the power to make you unhappy; you give that power to them. I don’t care if you are a determinist- act like free will exists, and you will be happier. 707 more words


Creating a Calvinist T-Shirt


My friend James Anderson recently wrote two nice posts on theological determinism and compatibilism. I direct the reader to those posts for all the nitty-gritty details. 1,540 more words



Certainly we are sometimes wrong when we think we’re doing something on purpose. There are experiments in psychology and neuroscience that demonstrate this beyond doubt. 88 more words

The A+ Folks

Research and Development, Critical thinking, creativity and innovation. Strength and skills, diligence and attitude, strategy and skilled deployment of plans.

All of these and maybe more are crucial, very crucial I must add for survival and success in our today world and even for the future if life. 472 more words


Freedom of the Will

I was reading this blog last night, and was reminded of one of the issues in philosophy that often bothers me: the implicit presumption that multiple schools of thought cannot be correct simultaneously.  590 more words