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Weekly Recap 7/13-7/19

Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything went right? Where you woke every morning to the sound of birds chirping softly in the trees feeling rested and ready for the day ahead? 747 more words

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Detox Diet - For Body Cleansing

A detox diet is very effective for cleansing the body. It’s just a natural part of being alive and consuming food that leads to there being toxins that build up in our bodies. 612 more words

Detox Diet

Detox Diet Update

I am about halfway through my detox diet (no dairy, gluten, soy, artificial sweetener, added sugar, and alcohol for 21 days) so I thought it was a good time for an update on how things are going. 532 more words

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Weekly Recap 7/6-7/12

I am so excited! This week has been awesome, thanks in no small part to my starting the Daily Burn Ignite 21 day detox diet. 854 more words

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Daily Burn and Detoxing My Diet

Judging by the dead lawn and continual droning of the giant box fan in my window, I would say were are firmly in the middle of another Southern Californian summer. 496 more words

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Detox your way to wellness –herbs that heal and harmonize

In our daily lives we’re constantly bombarded with pesticides, chemicals, and other noxious fumes that we ingest as a result of driving, cooking, eating, cleaning our homes, washing our clothes, and even pampering ourselves. 885 more words

Day 2 , "Detox Diet"

Hello everyone! Yesterday I was throwing around the idea of starting a detox diet, and the more research I did, detox doesn’t have to mean eating nothing but juice and lettuce for a week. 360 more words