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In the Juice yourself slim book, there is a seven day launch programme. In the spirit of following the programme to the letter I have been out and purchased a juicer and all the fruit and veg on the shopping list from the book.  323 more words


As women, we are always on the look for new weight loss enhancing products. This “Citrus Detox” as I like to call it flushes out all of the icky stuff being harbored in your body. 83 more words

Eye Patches

Happy Natural Therapies provides you Anti Wrinkle Eye Patches. It helps you eliminate dark circles and fine lines and increases the elasticity of the skin under your eyes that relieves your tired, puffy eyes.

Bamboo Detox

Breaking My Fast

This morning I sank my teeth into a gloriously juicy granny smith apple!

It has been a great day of fruits and veggies. Throughout the day I enjoyed a lovely, crunchy carrot, a smooth avocado, and a smoothie of blueberries, pear, watermelon, and kale. 478 more words

Health & Wellness

Not Your Average Detox

Every once in awhile, I look down at my stomach and when I see more than the normal two rolls, I start reconsidering my choices. By choices, I mean the quantity and substance of the food I inhale from day to day. 1,244 more words

New York

Start Your Future Here!

Good Morning Interweb,

OK so again I want to share with you something that has inspired me from day one of my Isagenix Journey. If you have a spare 5 minutes today, please take them 5 minutes and watch the video below. 186 more words

TalkScience Tuesday: Reactions to essential oils...probably not an allergy!

Howdy y’all! Let’s be real: sometimes we get an unexpected result from using the oils. Most of the time for me, it’s a positive “side effect.” But there are times when people experience something unpleasant, like a rash. 1,594 more words

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