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Fash Bash In Detroit Matters !

The Louvre in France, my hometown Philadelphia Art Museum and other wonderful places my life has been blessed with visits to created for me both love and determination that my life … Those of my family and others, no matter the circumstances, must include that which the soul feeds on, the heart is gladdened by and the mind made to contemplate other than oneself.   531 more words


Detroit News: For real change in Wayne County, vote for Bill Wild

Detroit News columnist Nolan Finley reports today on the race for Wayne County Executive. He doesn’t pull any punches, describing the current culture of Wayne County government as “ 281 more words

Bill Wild

Woman Shoots Boyfriend For Low Ejaculation

The Idiot of the Week award goes to the infamous, 58-year-old, Southfield, Michigan resident Sadie Bell for shooting her longtime boyfriend, Edward Lee, in the stomach after having sex. 286 more words

The Myth of College Readiness

The Michigan Department of Education has a pretty good definition of what it means to be “college ready.”  The state does not, however, measure this in an effective way that accurately and honestly gives parents an understanding of how their schools are doing. 954 more words

Over-Testing Children

The Human Firecracker

Coopersville, Michigan

Go early. Stay late. Listen. Those are three rules that I have learned were so important to be a successful photojournalist. Last week I photographed this wonderful assignment for the Detroit News. 1,129 more words