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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ep. 21 - Frustration Level Over 9000

As you can see from the title, the funicular area is the toughest and most frustrating part of this game up to this point. I honestly had to put the controller down twice because I became so angry with the enemies. 507 more words


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ep. 20 - From One Trap to the Next

Escaping Tai Yang Medical was surprisingly easy and would’ve been made much easier had I both the Turret and Robot Domination augmentations. Without these, I was left to my own devices. 579 more words


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ep. 19 - Making It To The Top

Beginning in the first laser room of Tai Yang Medical, I quickly made my way across by carefully timing Adam’s position with the moving lasers. It took a few tries but was otherwise easy. 657 more words


What does it truly mean to 'be human'?

It is rare that I encounter a form of media that challenges everything I know about the world. And it is rare when I find myself thinking so deeply about said form of media that I start to question our future, and the very definition of humanity. 1,093 more words


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ep. 18 - Tai Yang Medical, Pt. 1

It was time to enter Tai Yang Medical, find the evidence stating Tai Yang was behind the attack on Sarif Industries, and hopefully figure out who this Zhao Yun Ru person is. 426 more words


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ep. 17 - Ambush!

It was time to give van Bruggen his chip. On the way over, however, I got a bit, well, side-tracked by storage units. Four of them. 569 more words


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ep. 16 - Shanghai Justice

My goal for this session was to complete the side quest “Shanghai Justice” for Malik, but on my way over to the Hive bar, I was sidetracked by another security vault. 385 more words