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Pre Production Funding for Project BC

Hey guys!

I just launched a Pre-Production funding for my Game Project BC in Indiegogo, i want to put it on Kickstarter, but since im working alone, and i live way outside the US or UK, well im stuck with the second best! 36 more words


BC Project . Single Player Survival Game

Finally, i have the time to get back to my journal, and able to tell you some stuff about the current project i’m working on. 430 more words


Dev. Blog: Status Update (1/22)

Hello there Villagers!

Cong here with the latest update on server re-spring.
I have been working on the server every chance I get, adding plugins that I think fits to the theme of Animal Crossing while removing unnecessary ones that take up precious megabytes. 291 more words

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Dev. Blog: Re-SPRING!

Long time no see Villagers, Cong’s here.

It has been quite a while before the server went inactive without any trace nor messages, and I’m terribly sorry about it. 97 more words

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Nearly time for the promos

Things really are coming along leaps and bounds now. We have all but cemented our multiplayer aspects and are currently working to probably outer tightest ever schedule. 34 more words

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The Future of _speed_

Progress on _speed_ for the longest time has been very slow mostly due to my lack of motivation towards the project, the main reason for this is that it’s an absolute pain to add anything to the game. 225 more words


Dev Diary #16: Dealing with iOS Resolutions in GameMaker: Studio

If someone who has never made a game before decides to try to create one, it seems like it’s going to be pretty simple. ¬†Then that person will have a day – deep into the dev cycle – where they discover a technical requirement they didn’t think about, pull their hair out, and have a nervous breakdown. ¬† 1,099 more words