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Splitwise Seed Funding - We're Hiring

Dear users,

I’m happy to announce today that Splitwise has raised $1.4MM in new seed funding from leading tech investors. Raising outside money means we can continue to invest in building the world’s best product for reducing the stress of money in relationships. 905 more words



When people hear what Why Am I Dead At Sea is about and how you play it, they generally have a similar reaction: that’s like  1,082 more words

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Why Transcend?

I think one of the most important questions we can ask as human beings is “why.” Why do we do this? Why do we think that? 1,521 more words

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About Multiple Endings

I’ve been trying to put together a post focusing on the time where I was less active on the blog/online, and as a bit of an overview for the past year…but writing it out in a way that fits the nature of this blog has been difficult.   790 more words

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Physics-Based Character Movement

People always say that programming takes a lot of math knowledge, and I always struggled with that statement. On one hand, a computer will do all the math you need automatically: just ask it for a dot product or a normalized vector, and the system does it all for you. 1,936 more words

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Overloaded Narratives

This post used to be my Oct. 26 weekly update. Now that we have a special category for dev blog posts, it goes here.

Transcend… 1,026 more words

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Controlling Imbalance

One of the big things that separates Transcend from other couch multiplayer PvP games is the inherent asymmetry that divides Mageknights and Mavericks. It’s important to us that the Mageknights and Mavericks are very different, but nearly every other game in this genre uses perfectly identical characters (the major titles being Towerfall Ascension, Samurai Gunn, and Nidhogg). 2,604 more words

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