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Dual Wield Software Dev Diary: When Humble Beginnings Grow

Hi, I’m Chad Waller, developer of the upcoming game The Regret of Vitrerran. If my name sounds familiar, it’s because I’m a writer for this site. 864 more words


Creating a third person camera in Unity C#

Previously I’ve done work with simple top-down cameras. This time around I’m moving into 3D third person.

Link to the build used this post.

The camera here is achieved using three scripts. 536 more words


Update 1.0 Dev Blog With Co-Founder Jack Baker

Hello welcome to Update, the monthly development update blog for Nexus Studios Entertainment and our podcasts. In todays blog you will be reading my own thoughts on projects that are in development so I can give you clues to what we as a team are planning for the future of Nexus.


Raiden Poject v2

So last time around I started a project in Unity based on a Raiden style shooter. I did say I would post this in a few days, my apologies for the delay in posting any more. 734 more words


Raiden Project prototype

OK so last time I said I was going to be combining various skills I’ve mentioned in previous posts into a Raiden style of game. 1,045 more words


Making use of enums and timers in Unity C#

So last time I was talking about taking advantage of Unity’s Axis controls. Building on from that I’m now going to talk about making use of enums and timers in AI behavior. 940 more words