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“Every person you meet is either a Teacher or a Mirror “

Food for Thought : Who Have you met ?  and What have you learned lately ?, Are you stuck doing things your way?

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The making of Meaningful Noise II

Process photos of my adventures making the new brooch. The hydraulic press and I are best friends, my drill bits are all angry with me, and powder coat is still my number one bud. 24 more words


Never too old to learn but never too young to teach!

From an early age I was a bit of a ‘know it all’ and I’m sure still show similar signs of this trait but not in the same way. 281 more words

At Magento Webshop, We Develop Attractive and Modern Responsive Design with High Conversion Rate

Starting your own online shop can be a big deal, but at Magento Webshop, our experienced technical stuff will help you will build a very user friendly webshop with attractive and modern responsive design with high conversion rate. 8 more words

The World of Leadership #14

Teams must be purpose oriented or there is no need for their existence. Good leaders will build teams that have specialty functions much like the head coach of a sports franchise will have his specialty teams within the fabric of the entire team. 1,030 more words

Google Hummingbird

So, I created a new post on my Web Design blog. Or, a colleague of mine wrote it for my blog. It’s all about Google Hummingbird – and he usually seems to know what he’s talking about when it comes to SEO and that sort of thing. 59 more words


Develop Your Hand Skills in the Kitchen – Made Easy

Cooking food is a talent that can be improved by everyone, so if you feel you are not doing good in this task you don’t have to be depressed or frustrated. 38 more words