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How to NOT Get Rejected by Apple

Back when I was at Time Inc, I had the opportunity to develop one of the company’s first iPad apps. Though the contacts we worked with at Apple back in 2010 imparted a great deal of information regarding what factors would lead them to reject an app, they didn’t reveal every detail.  90 more words


Celeb hack, Apple and iCloud; automating Mac tasks; 7th Dev preview of Yosemite

Apple fixes iCloud security gap, ‘Actively Investigates’ Celeb Photo Theft — Apple closed a gap in iCloud security over the holiday weekend, a gap that facilitated brute-force password breaking. 276 more words

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OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 7 Release Notes

Notes and Known Issues


Known Issue

Users with automatic installation of updates enabled will not be automatically logged in after reboot from installing Developer Preview 7. 362 more words


So, we decided to make a computer game.

So just a few hours ago I managed to convince a friend to make a computer game with me. He was sceptical at first, correctly pointing out that we both lack any of the skills required to make a functional computer game, which I will admit is a valid point. 244 more words

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App Store rejections help, best note-taking apps, and thermal PIN stealing

New page on Apple’s website explains common reasons for App Store rejection — App Store rejections may not be the hot-button issue it was a few years ago, but for developers, it’s still a chief area of concern. 232 more words

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Apple, Microsoft and developers

Apple wants to say thank you to its developers:

Microsoft wants to say thank you to its developers:

Developers, developers, developers!


How to skill up in DevOps and what rates you can expect in 2014-15


DevOps is a portmanteau of development and operations methods and has been seen by many as an extension of the agile movements. DevOps has come about to take advantage of cost savings and increase the speed of delivering software to the market by focussing on product delivery, testing, release management and continuous integration. 469 more words