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There are Signs Everywhere Part 4 - Acclimatizing the Khumbu Way

 From the 2013 Travel Journal – The WMS CME Trek to Everest Base Camp

Part 4 of There Are Signs Everywhere

It was a full day of a beautiful acclimatization hike to Kumjung then on to Kunde and back to Namche to sleep at a lower elevation. 503 more words


Welcome to the WIB!

The project Women in Inclusive Business (WIB) is an initiative aimed at creating a mindsharing space between female entrepreneurs from West Sweden (Västra Götalandsregionen) with female entrepreneurs from the Kisumu-region of Kenya. 231 more words

Developing Country

Help me help Ria

There are two versions of this post today. You can read one or the other or both. They are complementary though cover the same ground. This one looks at this project from the Bangladesh side of things. 1,139 more words


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Alright so my Facebook contacts ignore all my sensible posts, and I only have three followers on Twitter, which made me decide to reblog this post. I have 139 followers on my blog, and assume maybe an eighth... no a sixteenth... actually read my posts. That's more than Facebook and Twitter combined. So I hope this post will reach out to people willing to help my friend Ken and his former student Ria by donating what them British peeps call a few "quids" and... aaand... here comes the good stuff: having your name mentioned in the book! How cool isn't that? Furthermore, you'd be helping a young girl getting the education she needs in order to return to Bangladesh and work for the struggling women who are the backbone of society. So hurry before it's too late and the book is published!

The Population Bomb: How we survived it / “There is virtually no question that world population growth rates will continue to decline,”

Public release date: 30-Mar-2011

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—World population will reach 7 billion this year, prompting new concerns about whether the world will soon face a major population crisis. 452 more words

Counter Intuitive - Medical

Back In Paradise

So I’m back in my European paradise. Adjusting is taking longer than I thought it would. The best way I can describe it is like moving from one planet to another. 252 more words

Getting around in developing countries: a guide to local transport

Ok, you got your bags off the line, made it through the passport check with your new, shiny visa and found the exit of the airport. 912 more words


Technology and Social Changes in Brazil

Recently, WGSN (British trend forecasting agency) released a report about projects related to technology and innovation taking place in Brazil.

Along with the rest of the world, the South-American country has been focusing its efforts in digital companies associated with social changes. 507 more words

Social Media Campaigning