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Book Review: On China, by Henry Kissinger

How do you describe China? How could one understand a land with historic roots that spawn for almost 4000 years? No easy task, that’s for sure. 1,326 more words


How this smart contraceptive design could liberate women in Africa

Family planning counts for a lot when it comes to development in poor countries. It lowers mortality among women and infants, improves educational outcomes, and slows population growth. 381 more words

As foreign aid dries up, companies take the lead in global development

Coca-Cola, operating mostly under the media radar over the past three years, has trained half-a-million poor women in 44 countries to become small-scale capitalists. They include owners of sari-sari convenience stores in the Philippines, farmers growing mangoes in Kenya, and dirt-poor villagers building tiny recycling operations out of discarded bottles from trash heaps in Mexico. 634 more words


Shopping in Europe: The new ‘Grand Tour’

La Roca del Vallès was once little more than a sleepy Catalan village (pop. 7,000) surrounded by farmland, 35 minutes northeast of Barcelona. Now, that farmland is the home of outlet mall La Roca Village, a purpose-built simulation of a Catalan town, packed with high-end outlet stores. 943 more words


China Passes US in Terms of Online Retail. Europe Lags Behind with 12% Growth Rate

China’s Ministry of Commerce released data showing huge growth in terms of Online Retail. Chinese consumers spent $296.57 billion online in 2013, 13% more than their American counterparts ( 486 more words


What links the top 0.1 percent and the bottom billion? Rent

Paul Collier studies the poorest people on earth — the 1 in 9 humans living in dysfunctional countries with broken economies, places whose income gaps are so wide it’s hard for westerners to wrap their minds around it. 1,549 more words

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Smartphones to help monitor roads built under PM scheme

Smartphones to help monitor roads built under PM scheme
Source:Hindustan Times

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