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"Zero flaring" the solution to Oil & Gas company emissions?

The World Bank’s Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 Initiative

In November this year, the oil and gas industry saw Total commit to the World Bank’s… 496 more words


A Library for All

A literary friend recently put me in touch with Library for All, and NGO that provides digital libraries to developing nations. It was founded by an Australian couple that moved to Haiti to help after the 2010 earthquake. 160 more words


The Local Lie

Is it better to give locally than globally?



Here- access to free education, and enforced.

There- in many cases, girls cannot go to school when they begin menstruation. 950 more words

The Smart Fraction theory of IQ and the wealth of nations


I was hoping that we could continue our discussion of human biodiversity. I brought some fascinating data from the Summer 2001 Mankind Quarterly. In the article, …

465 more words

But Really, A Laptop?

College sophomore Namank Shah wrote a thought-provoking essay on technology in the developing world. From the Western standpoint, technology is essential. We see it as the means to all ends. 397 more words

Reading Reflections

Gulf stability and the oil supply scenario - The Hindu

The impending “oil crisis” seems real. The final ‘word’, “the challenge before the principal Asian consumers, led by India, China, Japan and Korea, is to work together to shape a new regional security paradigm that is inclusive and provides a dialogue and confidence-building platform that the contending Gulf countries desperately need” is apt. 101 more words