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The Smart Fraction theory of IQ and the wealth of nations


I was hoping that we could continue our discussion of human biodiversity. I brought some fascinating data from the Summer 2001 Mankind Quarterly. In the article, …

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But Really, A Laptop?

College sophomore Namank Shah wrote a thought-provoking essay on technology in the developing world. From the Western standpoint, technology is essential. We see it as the means to all ends. 399 more words

Reading Reflections

Gulf stability and the oil supply scenario - The Hindu

The impending “oil crisis” seems real. The final ‘word’, “the challenge before the principal Asian consumers, led by India, China, Japan and Korea, is to work together to shape a new regional security paradigm that is inclusive and provides a dialogue and confidence-building platform that the contending Gulf countries desperately need” is apt. 101 more words


Champion Peace While Supplying Weapons: How Does That Work?*

How can the U.N. champion peace while being the leading supplier of arms around the world – specifically the third world?

Ironically, the five permanent members of the United Nation’s Security Council are the largest arms dealers, with the exception of China who sometimes ranks lower than Germany who is not a part of those members (let us not be hasty in letting China off the hook; most of its arm sales support and perpetuate the conflicts in Sudan, Libya, and the Democratic Republic of Congo).   486 more words

Network modelling for road-based Fecal Sludge Management

The Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Municipal Engineer recently published my work on using crowd-sourced data to model Fecal Sludge Management in the settlement of Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya. 229 more words


Watch out Australia and NZ, Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea are on their way

In a massive boost for cricket in the Asia-Pacific, the International Cricket Council has announced that Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea will be given ODI Status becoming the 15th and 16th nations to be granted ODI Status. 503 more words