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Playing through the quarters

or is it “playing through the thirds?”.

How many times have your heard or listened to a coach: “Play through the thirds”? or maybe you have planned a session to play through the thirds. 450 more words

Andrés Iniesta

Woman found dead in her Long Island home was 'victim of violence'

FARMINGVILLE, N.Y. (PIX11) – Investigators are probing the grisly discovery of a 36-year-old woman found dead in her home as a homicide, authorities said Monday. 107 more words


Learn from it.

I mentioned in my first post that I have studied the brain throughout my years in high school. This is going to be my last post, so I decided to wrap-up my AP Psychology blog by going into a little more depth than simply saying that I have studied the brain. 442 more words

Photocatalytic Concrete: Air-Cleaning Developing Absorbs Smog by Design Ideas

Featuring 100,000 square feet of smog-filtering surface location, this structural facade will break down damaging oxides in sunlight to boost air high quality all about it. 34 more words

Photocatalytic Concrete: Air-Cleansing Developing Absorbs Smog by DIY Decor Projects Blog

Featuring 100,000 square feet of smog-filtering surface region, this structural facade will break down harmful oxides in sunlight to improve air top quality all around it. 35 more words

BREAKING HORROR NEWS: Sam Raimi is developing an Evil Dead TV series

Here’s some interesting news for horror fans. Apparently Sam Raimi–director of the original Evil Dead films and other genre gems like Darkman and Drag Me to Hell… 111 more words


Fashionable Green Developing Wedding by Wedding Ideasy

Time and again, The Green Building has proven itself to be one of our favorite wedding venues. How can we possibly resist its easy blend of industrial and romantic styles? 38 more words