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On Tito Mboweni, banking and building your own empire

When I was young I had this vision that I would one day own my own publishing house. The dream withered as I grew older, studied economics and realised that there are more rewarding (financially, and otherwise) careers to pursue. 1,462 more words

South Africa

Process, research ideas, and learning my way around new fields

Of the many things I’m learning in my new position is just how one individual has so many projects going at once. Rohini, and others like her with large development-oriented field projects, has a veritable army of students, RAs, research managers, field managers, enumerators, and post-docs to keep a million different parts moving. 347 more words


Now You Can Upload On Vine | Stayin' In The Game

Vine came out of nowhere with a pretty novel idea – capture and post 6-second clips and share with people. The concept was novel because it all relied on user generated content (a testament to restrictions they placed early on). 181 more words


TORONTO is on the list, and we’re in excellent company.  According to FORBES magazine, our city is the 10th ‘most necessary’ city in the world (tied with the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles/Orange County), and those aren’t small potatoes.

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About The Avengers 2 | Sneak Peaks

Now that Guardians of the Galaxy is out, there will be no more Marvel movies released until next May’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. Here’s everything that’s confirmed or all-but-confirmed: 288 more words


Only allow numbers on keypress with jQuery

$("").keypress( function(event) {
var inputValue = event.keyCode;
if (inputValue != 46 && inputValue > 31 && (inputValue < 48 || inputValue > 57)) {