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Advantages Of Hiring A Mobile App Development Firm

A mobile application is the latest convenience to different types of businesses to handle their daily activities in a smooth manner. In addition to this, it also assists a business have access to a far and wide customer base. 369 more words


detecting: malloc(-1) or malloc(0xffffffff)

In Suricata we’re often not printing malloc errors. The reason is that we’re not willing to print such errors based on (attacker controlled) traffic. So often such cases are silently handled. 218 more words



We won! We made it to one!
We didn’t leave him anywhere, break him or give up after a ridiculously difficult wonderful year.

I already went through the things we achieved over the last 51 weeks of maternity leave so I won’t do that again, but maybe a nice photo of the small one enjoying his big day! 200 more words


A Reflection of Space

During my recent journey across the world, I’ve able to think about what my writing space means to me. It’s changed so much recently and I’ve had to adapt to constantly changing situations. 141 more words


The Current State of Events

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this site, but I’m back. Though I’m pretty sure no one reads this, here’s the deal: I’ve made it a goal to finish Haven’s development no matter what, and things have been going along smoothly. 494 more words


4-Minute Mile Project | Run! Effing Love Science, Some More!

The fact that there’s a book about long distance running and a techie post about this project in the same week is pure coincidence, I assure you! 244 more words


BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 | Just About Ready

I’m jumping back to this older post now that the device has cleared the FCC (pretty much the last stop before anything is announced). The device has leaked quite a few times in the past . 238 more words