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Not qualifiying for the race

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Imagine you are a runner, a rather good one with a proven track record. There is a race you wish to join, but you are informed that you are not allowed to enter just yet. 839 more words


The consequences of changing entity states from plug-ins in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Changing the state of an entity from within a Plugin in Dynamics CRM has always been a fairly well documented process.

You create the following object: 474 more words


Counterfactual Africa

What if Europeans never colonized Africa? What would modern-day boundaries of African countries look like had the Scramble for Africa never occurred? The short answer is that we will never know, but the thought-experiment is appealing. 908 more words

South Africa

Helping Developing Countries to Establish a National Standardization Secretariat

When one goes to meetings of ITU-T Study Groups, the expert groups of ITU’s standardization arm (ITU-T), it is quite normal to see more attendees from developing countries than in the past. 1,006 more words


The amazing forgiveness of software

One of the things I like most about developing software is the fact that you can recover from most mistakes with very few long term impact. 281 more words


Bringing Help and Hope to the Hidden and Hurting

MONTHLY REPORT – also available in French or German – upon request – 2014

COUNTRY INDIA… 291 more words


Python BlackJack Game Tutorial (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of the Python Blackjack Game Tutorial series. Today we’re going to construct our Deck Class, which is a pretty simple concept. First, a deck is just a group of cards. 828 more words