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Futurology or Clairvoyance: when can you say that you know the future

by Andy Kozlov (@KozlovAndy)

As 2015 gets closer, we all are thinking about the next year, make plans, develop strategies. But when can you really say that you know the future? 755 more words


CSI for Black Swans: This is how You can train your mind to deal with Unknown Unknowns

by Andy Kozlov (@KozlovAndy)

Over 22 hundred years before United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld famously talked about unknown unknowns,  Ancient Greek inventor and scholar Archimedes took to the streets — so excited by his discovery that he had forgotten to dress — crying “ 1,023 more words

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CFP Public Diplomacy & Development Comm

CFP Conference on Public Diplomacy & Development Communication: Intersections, Overlaps and Challenges

Public diplomacy and international development are usually considered separate fields, both for scholars and practitioners. 471 more words


An Appeal to Our Core

Memetics is defined as a scientific model that deals with memes as the basic unit of cultural transmission or imitation, wherein memes are like an idea or belief that spreads easily throughout the population .   712 more words

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