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Dev Update #7: Return from Break

Well, it’s certainly been far too long since I’ve posted here. In the roughly three weeks since my last post, a lot has happened. Although only two of those weeks count, since one week the whole team was at GDC and the following week was spring break. 388 more words


Dev Update #6: Hello From GDC

Apologies for this post being a bit later than usual–I’ve been very busy over the last few days making my way to GDC 2014.

Spectral Robot Task Force has come a long way in the two weeks leading up to GDC, but unfortunately is still not in playable state. 327 more words


Dev Update #5: Late Nights and Early Mornings

Robot model blockout by Jayson Fitch

The pre-GDC crunch has been grueling, but it has yielded promising results.

Most of the members of our team will be attending GDC this year, and we’re all eager to show off what we’ve been able to create. 313 more words


Dev Update #4: Dealing with Failure

Werewolf enemy model by Jayson Fitch

As we reach the end of Milestone 3, I am starting to see signs of trouble. We weren’t able to hit the goals we set for ourselves over the last two weeks. 259 more words