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The Comparison Game

My kids like the movie Wreck It Ralph and there’s a great message in there for children, one that actually made me cry on more than one occasion while watching that movie. 514 more words


The Need for Disconnected Solitude

*logs on to Twitter* *

Bombarded with the thoughts of dozens of people at once. Some speak of how shitty their day was, some talk about music. 796 more words

Development: Western vs Eastern

I am studying development at the moment, and lucky to have studied communications to have them interlinked. As I study through development, I do come across literature which seems to suggest the ignorance on the part of western aid agencies while implementing their developmental projects. 458 more words

Human Rights

サービス・デリバリの新しいアプローチ「DevOps」、変化が速い分野には試す価値あり [ #cbajp ]




Technology contributing to VAW

All too often we view ICT4D projects as a means to empower women and minimize the gender divide, and overlook how technology can exacerbate gender issues, such as violence against women (VAW). 370 more words


Generative Animation from Data Files

Testing my Sound of DATA app to create generative audio and visuals using data from Excel files.


New Favorite Books

We’re on a big reading kick in our house again. V took a little bit of a break in being obsessed with reading for a few months but now we’re back to constantly wanting to be read to. 85 more words