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I Don't Want To Be Super Mom Today

I was told at the beginning of this process (or maybe it was the middle) that I wasn’t taking the help that was available to me for Cooper.  465 more words

Toddler Speech Delay

A new Jonah

I have no idea what happened. Prior to the move, Jonah was horrible. He stopped trying to communicate, had tantrums and meltdowns multiple times a day, and lots of aggression. 137 more words


Welcome back to our blog, special needs lovers!

“To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose…”

Special Needs love didn’t disappear, but we did take a few new seasons to break down, heal, and now a time to dance. 474 more words


Back to Reality

Jamie and I are back from our quick vacation in Washington DC. It was so amazing to feel like a grown up. I think I started to forget what it was like. 488 more words

Toddler Speech Delay

Feeling FINE

Excuse me, while I’m having a pity party…normal service will resume soon…

Whilst I was in the depths of infertile, I had two friends who were going through their own dark times. 312 more words


Weekend At Morgan's

My college friend, Morgan, recently moved to Delaware. Since her relocation, I had promised to bring Charlie to visit her. With the way our schedules worked out, this weekend was the chosen weekend. 397 more words


Milestone: Rolling!

If you stopped by the Clover Puck Home recently, you might ask a few questions.

Q:  Are you really eating out of a bag of chocolate chips? 238 more words