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Liam's Diagnosis

Yesterday was Liam’s long-awaited autism spectrum disorder (ASD) evaluation at Kennedy Krieger Institute’s (KKI) Center for Autism in Baltimore. KKI’s ASD evaluation covers several aspects in a child’s development: Speech/Social, Developmental Pediatrics, and Occupational Therapy (OT). 880 more words

Do I have a goal?

As we approach New Year’s, I consider my options of resolutions for 2015.  Though, ideally, I’d like to lose weight, I’m afraid my OB would be a little annoyed that I would try to do that while 20 weeks pregnant with our second child.   813 more words

In the wee hours...

It’s very early here. I’m up…and the only one at the moment. Pumpkin will be waking any minute for his next feed. But, I thought I’d write a quick update. 1,809 more words


Leaps & Bounds & Ups & Downs

The Pickle’s development has always been a major factor of his autism. It was the first sign to me that something was different.

For example, when the Pickle was born, and up until he was a year old, he hit his developmental milestones without any issues. 862 more words


Chronologically Out of Step

When our daughter Jess was little, her dad and I used to take her to see a lot of animated movies. Jess and I really enjoyed them, but The Scientist often dozed off twenty minutes into the film. 2,436 more words


But time makes you bolder... Children get older... I'm getting older too.

I can’t believe I now have a two year old! This past weekend was packed full of birthday festivities to celebrate Liam’s birthday.

For Liam’s birthday on Saturday, we wanted to do something fun with him as a family, but because it’s tough to bring him out into public places for very long, I thought for awhile about where would be the best place to take him. 656 more words

Arc Santa Party

 Great program dedicated to individuals with special needs. See Santa with no lines! A Christmas MUST!