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Welcome back to our blog, special needs lovers!

“To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose…”

Special Needs love didn’t disappear, but we did take a few new seasons to break down, heal, and now a time to dance. 474 more words


Back to Reality

Jamie and I are back from our quick vacation in Washington DC. It was so amazing to feel like a grown up. I think I started to forget what it was like. 488 more words

Toddler Speech Delay

Feeling FINE

Excuse me, while I’m having a pity party…normal service will resume soon…

Whilst I was in the depths of infertile, I had two friends who were going through their own dark times. 312 more words


Weekend At Morgan's

My college friend, Morgan, recently moved to Delaware. Since her relocation, I had promised to bring Charlie to visit her. With the way our schedules worked out, this weekend was the chosen weekend. 397 more words


Milestone: Rolling!

If you stopped by the Clover Puck Home recently, you might ask a few questions.

Q:  Are you really eating out of a bag of chocolate chips? 238 more words


World Autism Awareness Day

Autism. I remember the time in my pre-child life when I felt like autism would be one of the worst diagnoses a parent could hear. I thrive on personal connection, and the thought of a child who could not relate to others or to me sounded like a parenting experience of all work and no joy. 986 more words

Lydia's Amazing Trick at One Year Old

Lydia is very developmentally delayed. I’m hoping ‘delayed’ means that she will still learn to do things given enough time. However, I’m not unreasonable and I’m not asking for juggling or rock climbing, I’d just like her to be able to sit up on her own someday and maybe reach for stuff. 170 more words