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What did I expect?

I’ve kind of missed the boat recently on some of the controversies swirling around in the media relating to Down syndrome. There has been no shortage of blogger fodder for me to sink my teeth into but we have been away on holidays and I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to weigh in heavily on the issues. 1,519 more words

Down Syndrome


Dr. Corinne Allen – Autism & The Brain

When the fish are sick, do you give them a pill? Of course not! You change the water. 420 more words

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A Random Post

There are so many potential posts swirling around in my head lately. I want to capture them all, write about all of them, be eloquent and exciting and detailed about all of them – but I fear losing them. 1,232 more words

Mitochondrial Disease

Help me Make this Site Awesome


I’m Trish Caddy, a third year medical student in BC. Last year, I had the honour of attending a seminar that gave us medical students that chance to talk to families of kids with developmental delays, and to talk to the kids themselves. 360 more words


Journey with K: 18 months to diagnosis #3

While waiting for speech evaluation, we changed daycare, and my husband and I took K to a retreat – basically graduate students and faculty members go to mountain cabins with a conference facility and present their work either orally or by poster.   402 more words


Meet Ryland's Sisters




Ryland has two older sisters. Nylah is Nine years old and Brooke is Five years old. They have been a BIG help with my little guy and I enjoy every bit of it. 271 more words

Meet Ryland

Ryland DaRon Woods was born on June 27, 2013. After 9 long months of a very healthy and uneventful pregnancy, Ryland entered this world screaming and kicking, weighing 5lbs 15oz. 642 more words