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Executing Developmentally Disabled People Is Still Wrong

There is a chorus of “every murder should die” and “who cares if he’s a retard?” threads on most posts surrounding execution of developmentally disabled individuals, and… 283 more words


Daniel Green: Days of our Lives

Daniel Green’s first solo exhibition Days of Our Lives is currently on view through March 4th at Creativity Explored’s gallery in San Francisco’s Mission District. Green has shown previously at Southern Exposure, Jack Fischer Gallery, and in Create, a traveling exhibition curated by Lawrence Rinder, which originated at the Berkeley Art Museum. 643 more words

Developmental Disability

"Tears Fall"

I couldn’t help but shed a tear
for the misunderstood
Those with illnesses and disabilities,
yet to be comprehended

People who are ignorant to those… 129 more words


Giving kids with sensory issues (and their parents) reason to celebrate

It can be hard for children affected by autism to enjoy holiday celebrations.

Many autistic children, like my son Jacob, have sensory issues. For Jacob, who is in kindergarten, crowds and loud music can trigger “sensory overload” — and a meltdown. 577 more words


School shoes

In Australia, the school year ends in early December and the summer holidays run until after Australia Day in late January. So, here we are getting ready to go back to school. 1,376 more words

Rants About Stuff

Employment Services and Training Organisations

We often see discussion about the use of employment or training courses as an outcome within employment service providers. Often the providers refer jobseekers to training organisations that they actually own, which stretches the bounds of ethical practice in terms of whose interests are they serving. 351 more words


you have to be consistent with these kids

people always say autistic people think in black and white, but then they *teach* us in black and white. good girl, bad girl. good (normal) behavior, bad (abnormal) behavior. 198 more words