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I am not a shiny aspie

people really wanted me to be high-functioning. they wanted me to be a computer-brained savant. they wanted me to be a shiny aspie.

my problems were social skills. 426 more words


Living with chronic pain at 22.

These days, when I think about what’s hardest about my CP now that I’m in my 20s, I’m not true to myself. Rather than focusing on the chronic back pain I’ve had since I was 15 (that is only getting worse), I focus on the frustrations of not having the same stamina as the rest of my peers, not being able to carry food in both hands if I’m walking somewhere because I get too anxious I’ll fall and spill the food, and the deep fear that surrounds me any time I have to step down from a curb or walk down steps (that have no railing) and there’s no one around to offer me a hand. 744 more words


Creative Growth

Established 1974, Oakland, CA

Creative Growth was the first of the Katzs’ three bay area programs and, at 40 years old, is most  likely the oldest Progressive Art Studio. 296 more words

Progressive Art Studio

I've packed my lunch and I'm ready for the world

I’ve packed my lunch and I’m ready for the world is exactly how I felt when I left my place, yesterday. But not an adult, ready for the world…more like my five-year-old self was ready for the world. 535 more words

Developmental Disability

From Bill Lough

From Bill Lough:

“Well by now I suspect everyone has received the good news—we did it! On Friday, September 19, 2014, the families of Michener were given a clear and unequivocal statement from the premier that Michener will not close! 716 more words

I like the Special Olympics

I am Michael B. and I am not awake yet.  I didn’t go to bed until like midnight.  I was playing Madden13.  I have an Xbox 360.  396 more words

DAC Gallery

Los Angeles, California – provided by The Exceptional Children’s Foundation

DAC Gallery, The program provided by The Exceptional Children’s Foundation, in LA was a welcome surprise and is really an under-appreciated Progressive Art Studio. 465 more words

Progressive Art Studio