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I like it here at North Star!

My name is Eric B. and I am 50 years old.  I was born at the old St. Francis hospital in Waterloo and I went to River Hills School until I graduated.  358 more words

And God Said Let There Be Advantages (NaPoWriMo, Day 15)

What of all the people out there who you shut away
What about the people that you claim you hate
Who is going to stand up for them… 119 more words


Aint no party like a softplay party

little dude had a birthday party to go to. it was in a softplay with multiple doors to birthday rooms, toilets, staff areas and exit. Oh the joy that was had running through the softplay to avoid mummy and get his little mitts on the doors.   276 more words


Too Much Fun

Creative Community Services has indulged in a dangerous level of fun this year. We have already experienced a ton of exciting opportunities and there are more in store this spring. 716 more words

Understanding Teenage FASD

With the exception of my youngest granddaughter, my grandchildren are now teenagers. While I appreciate the extra time I now have to explore my own identity after years of discovering my children’s and then my grandchildren’s, raising teens with FASD is not much different from raising youngsters with FASD. 101 more words


keep on moooving

i loathe moving, i hate the mess, the attempting to find places for everything, decorating, packing. Everything about moving.

but i think we need to again. 262 more words


World Autism Awareness Day–April 2, 2014

––” was alway in a grey area. He was too high-funtioning for the typical autism classes and too low functioning for the general classes. I never felt he’s gotten the proper, fair education he was supposed to get. 52 more words