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Why Screening Young Children for Language Delays Isn’t Helpful

Doctors and new parents are eager to do everything they can to help young babies develop well. But the latest research shows that testing infants for signs of speech or language difficulties may not end up helping the young ones. 415 more words

Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia

What is Dyspraxia?                                              

A motor programming disorder.  In simple terms: The brain and the muscles are working normally, but the message being sent from the brain to the muscles gets lost, resulting in coordination difficulties. 927 more words


Sensory friendly holidays [1]: How to help your sensory kid stay regulated - at home

It is that time of the year. Depending on which part of the world you are from, you either celebrated your big holiday and new year such as Diwali in India, or you are yet preparing your taste buds for all the flavors of Christmas, say somewhere in Europe. 633 more words


ADHD Linked to the Air Pregnant Women Breathe

Research has long connected what a mom-to-be eats and drinks to the health of her baby, and recent studies have even linked behavioral experiences such as stress, sleep and mood to the growing fetus’s development. 552 more words

Attica soccer player's goal a heartfelt triumph

All fall Cody Chesley kept telling his mother one thing about his final season on Attica’s boys varsity soccer team. “I just want to score a goal, Mom. 425 more words


Motor development: Ten red flags | BabyCenter

Parents should watch out for these signs in your child’s development. 13 more words

Wish I Would Have Known

* Coming to grips with a label

Coming to grips with a special education label?  Easier said than done.  The labeling process has timelines and established procedures, but for all parents, there’s a lot more to it than getting a Handbook of Parents’ Rights.   499 more words

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