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Down Syndrome Awareness Month: How Speech Therapy Can Help

Each October organizations across America take part in Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a campaign targeted toward raising public awareness of the most common chromosomal condition in the United States. 367 more words

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It's been a while...

…since my last post, but I’ve been working. Three things preoccupied me.

First and second: my little boy V. had his first teeth and started crawling at the same time. 335 more words


Study: 96% of Deceased NFL Players' Brains Had Degenerative Disease

The brains of 76 out of 79 (96%) of deceased NFL players showed signs of a degenerative brain disease, according to a study released Tuesday by the nation’s largest brain bank. 247 more words

How to Improve a Baby’s Language Skills Before They Start to Talk

The first few months of a baby’s life come with a flurry of challenges on a still-developing brain. Sights, sounds, smells and touches as well as other emotional experiences flood in, waiting to be processed and filed away as the foundation for everything from language to emotions and how to socialize with others. 967 more words

Brainwave signature for autism?

A paper, published in The Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, suggests that autism may be associated with a unique pattern of brainwave activity. 164 more words


A Perfect Storm: Exploring the Hidden Causes Behind Autism, ADHD, and Chronic Illnesses

A Perfect Storm:  Exploring the Hidden Causes Behind Autism, ADHD, and Chronic Illnesses

The Perfect Storm is a FREE seminar that explores and explains the hidden causes behind these neuro-developmental disorders with a specific emphasis on the role of the brain and central nervous system. 90 more words

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How Brain Waves May Be the Clue to Diagnosing Autism

Diagnosing autism as early as possible, even before the first noticeable symptoms of social and developmental delays emerge, is becoming a critical strategy for reducing the condition’s most severe symptoms. 450 more words