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Siblings With Autism Less Similar Than Previously Thought, Study Says

The majority of siblings diagnosed with autism do not share the same genetic mutation, according to a new study.

Using whole-genome sequencing technology, scientists looked at the genetic material of 85 families that had two children diagnosed with autism, the New York… 167 more words

Parents May Be Able to Lower Kids' Autism Risk

Autism experts still disagree over a lot of things about the developmental disorder, but there is one idea that unites most of them — that the earlier the condition can be diagnosed, and the sooner interventions, from medications to behavioral therapies, can be tried, the more likely that child will be to develop normally. 703 more words

Blue-White coaches, date change announced

Coaches have been announced for the annual Blue-White All-Star basketball games which are also moving to a Saturday.

The exhibition games between Western North Carolina seniors are scheduled for March 21 at Roberson (girls at 6 p.m., followed by the boys). 87 more words


Foundation First!

Have you ever watched a building going up? First the bulldozing, then strong and stable footings are placed deep; the cement is poured and must set. 743 more words

Chronic Illness

Hard work, YouTube keys for Indian Hill's Tripathy

David Tripathy spends a lot of time on YouTube learning about swimming, mostly watching videos of Michael Phelps speeding to gold medal after gold medal. 540 more words


8-Year-Old Raises More Than $1 Million to Help Cure His Friend's Rare Disease

Some best friends will do anything for each other – even if it means raising more than $1 million.

In 2012, when Dylan Siegel, then 6, found out his best pal, Jonah Pournazarian, had a rare liver disorder called glycogen storage disease type 1B, he… 251 more words