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Caturday Quickies: Recent developments

So . . . I went to work Monday morning to learn that I had been successful in the Consultant process. Yes, I am now in another qualified pool. 421 more words

Melanie Marttila

Tuscany LRT Station Q & A

The Tuscany Community Association is working with local residents to adjust to the new demands for parking that have arisen with the recent opening of the Tuscany LRT Station. 675 more words

Community Affairs

Chinese Articulation Symposium

On July 7, 2014, the CLC Department, in collaboration with the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) and Ming Chuan University, organised a symposium on Chinese Articulation. 185 more words

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New Developments....

I am going to ask a question. I have had the same theme for the past umpteen years (actually, I believe it has been exactly ten, but I have lost count), and am pondering if I should keep it, or go to another theme that suits my creative endeavors. 236 more words

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3D printer joining Mathematics department and more!

The Mathematics department has recently become the proud guardian of a 3D printer and is looking at ways of using this technology to enhance teaching of complex mathematical ideas. 149 more words

Articles In English


I choose to develop my concept of the light box as it would be a simple project to make and very access able to the user, I also chose it because it was a unique concept and know one else would have done it. 62 more words


The Internet of Things: What is it and What Does it Mean

The Internet of Things sounds like something out of a bad science fiction movie, or perhaps a book some young millennial might have written about in their second grade class. 743 more words