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Not today, dear...

Here are the major excuses why this week’s post will be postponed until tomorrow (Saturday):

1. I don’t have my laptop this weekend.

2. I didn’t finish the plushie yet. 95 more words


Fun and Inspirational

As a “photographer” or as I like to call myself, “Someone that likes to take pictures” you come across so many ideas and thoughts that you want to re-create and add your own twist to.  225 more words

Daily Posts

On Boob Plates & Buffoons: My Interview with an SJW

During the ongoing #GamerGate shitstorm –and I’d like to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of the community I am a part of that we’ve not just rolled over and taken this shit like in the past– I was directed toward a blog post on Deviant Art, written by a designer on the game… 4,711 more words

The World At Large.

the stuff guys talk about when no one else is around

ok, to give you some context: i just got back from a Afghanistan deployment with a bunch of marines. Male marines. there was not one single female in the group i was with this time around. 297 more words

Ross' Random Thoughts

If Leonardo da Vinci Designed Tony Stark’s Iron Man Suit, It Would Look Like This « Nerdist

Axel Medellin has brought us yet another incredible thing we didn’t know we needed in our lives until it appeared.

Behold, Iron Man from the age of da Vinci! 27 more words

goblin by sofiavalecruz

Continuing the lead-up to Ren Fest…

It’s just not a good festival without a few good goblins.

Here’s a great one:

Check out this and more of sofiavalecruz’s work here: goblin by sofiavalecruz on deviantART.