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Random Art: It's Earth Day Already? Oops! Emergency Art Time!

Okay, this is an OLD piece, but I figure I had to do something for Earth Day while being somewhat earth conscious and energy conserving in the process. 82 more words


Random Art: Snoozy Sunday "Update" Just Means More Trees...

I decided to stay in today, nice weather aside. I had some more cleaning to do, so some of that was taken care of, but otherwise, it was a pretty lazy Sunday. 128 more words


Space - the final frontier

Space – uncharted regions, alien races and settings, new technologies and gimmicks. What ultimately was the appeal of shows like Star Trek? The very real human stories of coming together, learning tolerance, overcoming obstacles, and drawing on the best of our human characteristics. 189 more words

I love a poem - Deviantart surprise

i was just browsing deviantart and I somehow I found this poem:


The eerie darkness

The growing blackness

In your heart

Drives sense off your mind… 277 more words