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Evolv Kick 2 Review

This is my review of Evolv’s Kick 2 module. A variable watt chip that fits in your mechanical mods to make them run 5 to 15 watts. 31 more words



After reconsidering the scope for Code Brush, I did some research on hardware devices and found a perfect match. I’ve ordered the brush and will now work on integrating it with the web app. 290 more words

12 of the Best Gadgets for Truck Drivers

12 of the Best Gadgets for a Truck Driver Even most old-timers will agree that the days of truckers having only a radio for company are long over. 505 more words

Building Automation Control Devices and Applications

Remote technology has changed the way we see things to be and makes it as easy as you can now get to control everything just by clicking a button. 278 more words


The wait is over: Hearthstone is now available on iPad!

It’s time for your fingers to do the card slinging, as Blizzard’s hit online card game Hearthstone is now available for the iPad! We have the details after the cut.


Rapid Grandstream GSGXP2124 Enterprise 4Line HD IP DeskVoIP Phone

The latest state of the art communication device is voice over internet protocol that can be used via Digium as well as through Snom (Grandstream) when you are looking for this technology. 297 more words

Magic Eye

The magic eye was a valve (tube) device which was used as a rudimentary indicator of recording level on earlier domestic tape recorders. The device had also been used as a tuning indicator on radios and radiograms. 68 more words