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Compare & Contrast: Devil May Cry 3 vs DmC

I’m working on a longer post for Friday with my gripes laid out but I just did a playthrough of Devil May Cry 3 and followed it up with DmC and I definitely have two posts of kvetching in me. 211 more words

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Recent Purchases: Episode 1

Hello good people of wordpress! It is me again! Remember when I told you in a post a while back how I maybe should start telling you about new/recent purchases I have made (Based on DVD’s, Blu-Ray, Books, etc.)? 77 more words


Rumor: DMC Ultimate Collection

Thanks to a Russian Retailer, it seems that a DMC Ultimate Collection will be coming to next-gen platforms.  This is classified as a rumor at this point as the details seem sketchy.   39 more words



Devil May Cry 2 was released in 2003 for the PS2 and is considered the black sheep of the franchise, much in the same way that… 856 more words

Anime review: 'Devil May Cry: the animated series'

Devil May Cry: The Animated Series (Boxset)

Rating: 18

License: ADV/FUNimation

While I had had a taster of Devil May Cry years prior with the fourth game, the Anime was what rekindled my interest and I’ve fallen hard for the series as a whole ever since. 429 more words


Book Review; DmC: Devil May Cry Visual Art

DmC Devil May Cry Visual Art is a book that is light on text and information and heavy on images but makes for a book worth owning despite this. 353 more words

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