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O site Junkie Monkeys descobriu que a Capcom registrou uma marca recentemente (no dia 14 de fevereiro) para Devil May Cry.

As conclusões que podemos tirar desse registro é que ou a Capcom está trabalhando em uma sequência de DmC: Devil May Cry ou ela relançará o título à lá “Definitive Edition” nos novos consoles.

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Devil May Cry

Musing: Captioning and Voice Acting

In almost any media I consume, I have captions on.

In most cases, I like captions since they tend to let you catch little side details that without them you might miss. 528 more words


New Wave Nostalgia: DmC: Devil May Cry

Hello, and welcome to another instalment of New wave nostalgia, the feature in which, I, the bifurcated-brained boy-wonder Jamie Patriot give my first impressions on a game that slipped under my Soliton radar when it first released. 916 more words


El cambio

Si bien es cierto que nosotros los multivideros (sí, acabo de crear esa palabra, de nada) siempre estamos en busqueda de ese nuevo juego, esa nueva experencia, esa nueva sensasión de que no sabemos nada y que estamos por encontrar algo increíble, muchos de nosotros somos muy, muy renuentes a grandes cambios hechos a los juegos o sagas que ya conocemos y queremos. 887 more words


Symphony of the Night, backtracking and DMC4

I only played Symphony of the Night for the first time last week. Any past mention that I’d never played it was met with ‘OMFG DUDE YOU HAVE TO PLAY IT NOW’ sort of reactions, it’s one of ‘those’ games. 1,028 more words

General Stuff

Moray cup and commisions

Status report! since the last post, I’m still looking for work, various interviews have led to nothing unfortunately. So I’ve been working on pet projects/portfolio pieces in the meantime. 477 more words