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Step inside Dante's inferno with this Devil May Cry figure from NECA

The word “Dante” may bring to mind the Italian poet and his storied description of medieval Hell, but the name itself means “enduring”. We think it’s a more-than-fitting mononym for the rage-and-justice-fueled protagonist of Capcom’s… 177 more words

Crossover Chaos: Video Game Universe

There’s one more shared universe I want to talk about before getting into multiverses. This one’s a little more complicated. I’m using Namco x Capcom’s status (confirmed canon for Endless Frontier which is considered canon by SRWOG) as a precedent for assuming that Project X Zone is probably canon. 222 more words


Endure the Load

There are many aspects unique to video games that we, players, can be thankful for. Be it the overwhelming immersion they provide, the possibility for user to influence the shape of own experience or the challenge that leads players to keep improving themselves in order to succeed – all of these, as well as many other not counted, are the elements that differentiate video games among other entertainment media, such as cinema or literature. 1,791 more words

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Devil May Cry (PS2)

In addition to playing Resident Evil 2 whenever I can, I’ve also been revisiting Devil May Cry. This is my third visit to the game since purchasing it.   324 more words


Lo "espectracular" en el cine (I)

“Devil May Cry, how may I help you?” Noviembre ya ha empezado y nada más apropiado para un mes que arranca luego de una “fiesta de brujas “halloweeniana” que realizar un pequeño homenaje a esos siniestrillos seres que alguna que otra pesadilla nos trajeran (aunque solo fuera por intentar recordar los nombres de todos y cada uno de ellos). ¿Preparados, listos? ¡A asustar!


Top 5 Crossovers That Actually Made Sense In Video Games

Disclaimer: I wrote this originally for digitalconfederacy.com as a contribution article. Be sure to check them out and have your adblockers off. The ads are not annoying in anyway and every bit helps to keep the site going. 2,930 more words

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Bayonetta 2 is awesome and not sexist. Hooray!

Platinum Games have a tendency to release tight, excellently-crafted, self-aware packages of escapism crammed with awe-inspiring action vignettes and a delicious brand of surrealist, almost comic book-style humour. 1,108 more words