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Devil May Cry Dante Cosplay

Early in the series, Dante is considered to be incredibly flippant, mouthing off to even the most powerful of demons and generally rubbing people the wrong way. 74 more words


30DC Gamer List - Day 5

The game character I wish I was most like…

This one was tough.  I don’t actively think about being someone else.  I do wish sometimes I had other skills, possessions or superpowers but being someone else doesn’t cross my mind much (if at all). 93 more words


[Análisis] DmC Devil May Cry

Lo admitiré, jamás había jugado a un Devil May Cry y no soy muy fan de los hack’n’slash, pero al ser el reboot de dicha saga, me atreveré a analizarlo. 3,327 more words


Six Months Late: A Gaming Agenda

Hello, guys and dolls!

Like Beltravi told you, I was out of the state for about a week and then started working my butt off to catch up at work. 67 more words

Casual Gaming

League of Legends with other champions?

I was bored, so I made a few of these.

Excalibur, the First Warframe
Type: Melee, Bruiser
Lane: Top,Middle
Skins: Excalibur Prime

Passive – Tenno Exoskeleton… 389 more words

League Of Legends


As title says ,here we will talk about,good or bad moves made by gaming industry.Let’s start with big giant falling down,let’s start with…

Capcom.News are really disturbing,we all know Resident Evil franchise is going down the toilet and that was big part of Capcom,DmC is not as good as before,Mega Man is not making enough money to keep them alive.Capcom needs to change something and they need to do it fast.Nobody knows how much money they have,but I’m 100% sure,they don’t have much.You all know rumors,”Capcom has only 152mil left” etc,I think there is truth in there,they probably have more but how much more? 331 more words


“They will parade upon your victory, they will parade upon your victory, you’ll put a smile upon their faces, the world will be yours for the taking, the story you birth will be ageless, just learn to love pain and be patient” ~The Weeknd…

11 more words