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Back by popular demand!

Wow, looks like I got a lot more feedback on that last post than I originally anticipated! Several people, either in passing or via Facebook, mentioned some of the games I took off my backlog. 941 more words


DmC vs DMC4 Breakdown and Review. Part 1

In light of the rumors of a DmC HD remake swirling about, I thought it would be a good time to review and compare the last game of the original series, and this reboot. 1,347 more words

Game Idea: Transfer Powers from Strong Allies to your Character

Game Idea: To get stronger, you have to take the power of you allies (power transfer)


The mechanics are simple. For your main character to get stronger, e.g. 570 more words


On Alastor and Ifrit


A while back Oscar Strik wrote an article titled “An Ode To Objects” where he explained that the most wonderful items in games are ones that are clearly part of the game world itself. 555 more words

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Compare & Contrast: Devil May Cry 3 vs DmC

I’m working on a longer post for Friday with my gripes laid out but I just did a playthrough of Devil May Cry 3 and followed it up with DmC and I definitely have two posts of kvetching in me. 211 more words

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