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Black And Blue, The Blue Series Volume 3

By Josephine Dillon


Please read Volume 1, as well as Volume 2, Part 1 and Part 2 in the Blue Series first. 52 more words

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on ugliness ii

Umberto Eco,

On Ugliness

viii Witchcraft, Satanism, Sadism



Why didn’t God make it so that there would be no sin? Because God made people in his own image, with the freedom of will to choose. 570 more words


Georges Melies: Le Diable Noir

For today I’d like to offer another Georges Méliès film, 1905′s Le Diable Noir. Le Diable was probably Méliès’s favorite character, since, toss in the sort of impish devil that his films featured and you have a perfectly sound reason to spend the whole film making stop-motion tricks follow one another. 56 more words


Accent Trippin'

“It’sch sschoo funny to make fun of my boyfriend’sch accshent”

- she says, with no shame whatsoever

After such a culturally integrated sentence of ribcage finger drilling is thrown against this innocent Danish boy’s face, sodomizing my pure and blue eyed Scandinavian nature, it makes me wonder: so what is actually funny, and what is just being laughed at to keep this relationSHIP from not sinking. 965 more words


Chapter 19-Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels
SUPERIOR spiritual beings have heretofore been referred to, almost as though there are none except those who yet retain their position as sons of God. 3,398 more words

James P. Boyce