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Chihuahuas: cute dog or the devil incarnate

That’s my chihuahua, affectionately referred to as Nelli (thought of by my mum) so as a chihuahua owner, I like to think I have a slightly less biased view of chihuahuas. 147 more words


Puking Angel.

I am not familiar with Roman tales and not sure they make water flows out of a man’s or angel’s or a devil’s mouth. I also want to know why the ducks are biting his chin. 31 more words


It's not from fireworks

As the year wound down to a close, they gathered around the table and raised their glasses filled with blood. Cheering for their cluster bombs and Tomahawks, for drones and AK-47:s, for armoured trucks and uniforms. 165 more words


The origin of evil

I have had a respect for the psychologist Carl Jung since I first read his work ‘the undiscovered self’ about two years ago, I think Carl Jung offers us some very profound insights into human nature, insights which do not demand scholarship or even any use of academic terminology (a type of language which often serves to exclude people outside of academic/scientific structures). 134 more words

Writing Block

Could it be?.....Make-up

Polite Notice: This is NOT a “make-up/cosmetics people” bashing post. I am not in the business of bashing and writing to stir up arguments. I just write what is in my heart. 2,235 more words