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The Devil's Old Song: An Intro to a Short Story

From a far side of the void a hooded figure approached on his beast. The donkey’s head swayed with his uneven gait; his sight was widened in the exaggerated hollow where his eyes should have been. 268 more words

Guest Blogger - Richard Shaw!

This is an article written by the Director and Producer of the Watchers series and the newly released Torah Code film.  In keeping with the Sunday Bun, I thought it would be pertinent to post it here.   3,011 more words

L. A. Marzulli

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#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez - #KanyeWest and the #Illuminati

Just came across this awesome article … my pals over at Media Take Out are saying this is photographic prof that Kanye has sold his soul to the devil. 55 more words


Red Queen - Naked: Decipher Secret Cryptogram.紅后 - 赤裸: 解開密碼

Musical Essay.音樂隨寫

 RED QUEEN – NAKED – OFFICIAL LYRICS VIDEO – former Demona Mortiss, YouTube

Imagery Essay.意象隨寫




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Simple English

The Devil

He is there unexpected
Maybe in dark alleys
Maybe in broad daylight
But ensnare you will he

He tricks you with
Varieties of guises
You will never know… 79 more words


Fire And Brimstone

She heard a crack as he entered the small clearing, a branch having given way beneath a boot, and his long jacket swept the ground, leaving just the slightest trail in the dirt behind him. 956 more words

Short Story