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Devil Costumes For Everyone by Feedous

Devil is one of recommended costume for Halloween. It is an evil costume which is identical with strong red color as the basic background color of the costume. 36 more words

Excerpt from Body for Sale

            “Hello!?” I shout into the dark room, how in all of holy hell did I get here?

            I am in a room resembling a shady lawyer’s office, and I am wearing my crappy pajamas that I am pretty sure I only wear alone in my bedroom and sometimes around the house when I’m feeling super lazy. 692 more words

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True Patriots

“It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible. Do not let anyone claim to be a true American patriot if they ever attempt to separate religion from politics.” George Washington… 288 more words



It was the time of their departure to London where Maan had set up a grand wedding but before that he wanted to stop Dev so he kidnapped him & kept him in a secret place where Dev was kept seperated from the whole world not getting any news of the world. 1,850 more words


Daily Draw 07-30-2014

Daily Draw 07-30-2014

Tarot: Devil

Temptations, obsessions, getting caught up in something questionable, clinging on to something/someone even though I know better. Either, something or something might be tempting me extremely badly today, potentially in a way I know is not quite so good – or I might be clinging on to something (negative) I should be letting go. 259 more words


Daily Draw 07-30-2014

Daily Draw 07-30-2014

Lenormand: 12 Birds

Stress, hectic, unrest, gossip, chit-chat. Again, interesting. Something unnerving or irritating. Feeling slightly anxious about something. Maybe some small talk taking. 885 more words


Jesus Is Tempted

After Jesus grew up, he began his ministry. He spoke to many people. He told them the truth about God. Jesus went to the desert to be alone. 135 more words