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It’s been a while, I’m finding it difficult to write, but things are going relatively smoothly. I started this draft almost six months ago, so here’s my timid return… 313 more words


Almost There. . . .

Okay, so my last final is a term paper due tomorrow (and everyone says “Yay!” because it’s the last; not because it’s a term paper). This will definitely lead to an all nighter at the local Denny’s with a bowl of mozzarella sticks and iced tea (no lemon). 375 more words


How and Why did he leave the state of Michigan?

Watching the game against Kansas they couldn’t ┬ástop about this kid from grand rapids. He graduated in Mississippi which means he left and still claims Michigan. 17 more words


All's Fair in Friendship and War

I was eighteen years-old. Devin was nineteen. It was around eight or nine o’clock at night and we were riding around Shreveport in Ken‘s car. 473 more words



An Assistant Admissions Counselor for Cedarville, psychology major, and a fan of the warm:

Meet Devin.

With no intention to attend Cedarville, Devin was looking to pursue a biology degree during her junior year of high school. 676 more words

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How to Beat Acne Without Ruining Your Health

The treatment of acne is a tricky thing. Most people want quick relief at any cost. It affects our self esteem and can even cause us to avoid doing things we love doing because of the shame that it can cause. 252 more words

It's in the wave

I’ve challenged myself to write every day for the month of November, inspired by National Blog Post Month (or NaBloPoMo as all the cool moms on blogspot.com called it back in the day). 210 more words

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