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Jena + Morgan

On Saturday one of Devin’s very best friends got married. His name is Morgan, and he married Jena, who is as fun-loving and adventurous as he is. 359 more words


Reporting Live from Chihuahua

Devin and I are visiting my family in Mexico this week, doing all the things we never get to do at home, like eating freshly-picked figs and cactus from my  aunt and uncle’s garden, taking my niece to the park, and shopping for piñatas. 56 more words


The Disappointment that is Christine & Nicole: Is the Female Superfan a Myth?

Long time viewers of Big Brother know that, twists and other producer-driven shenanigans aside, the foremost, long-running theme of an average Big Brother season is the dominance of The Male Alliance. 1,411 more words

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Being a Reasonable Adult

My roommate. Again. Let’s call her Sally.

Sally is legally an adult but sometimes I don’t really think she’s an adult.

Today we’re going to use her as an example of how not to be an adult. 607 more words


Devin's Letter to Chad

I found this letter to Chad on Devin’s Facebook page and thought it was so beautiful that I wanted to share it.

He has embraced my crazy, my life, my family, my kids.

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Hantz-ing: The “Devin” Archetype and Why Big Brother Needs It…For a Week or Two

After Devin’s eviction from the Big Brother 16 house on Thursday night there has been much talk on Twitter about the potential for the season to veer into the uneventful and boring. 334 more words