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Happy Birthday, Devin. ♥

Beautiful Dream
Beautiful eyes that shone so bright
Eyes that danced like flickering light
A beautiful soul no longer here
The need and longing to have you near… 59 more words


Test Post: Book 3 exerpt

The real blogging will begin soon, I promise!



I wanted to talk to Paige, to Patrick, to Lukas, even London. I wanted to talk to someone who would listen. 333 more words

Bratislava and beyond

After a six hour flight we finally made it to Vienna airport and we got through quickly and took a bus straight to Bratislava. The trip took about 50 minutes and we saw some nice countryside and lovely Austrian villages. 443 more words


Jena + Morgan

On Saturday one of Devin’s very best friends got married. His name is Morgan, and he married Jena, who is as fun-loving and adventurous as he is. 359 more words


Reporting Live from Chihuahua

Devin and I are visiting my family in Mexico this week, doing all the things we never get to do at home, like eating freshly-picked figs and cactus from my  aunt and uncle’s garden, taking my niece to the park, and shopping for piñatas. 56 more words


The Disappointment that is Christine & Nicole: Is the Female Superfan a Myth?

Long time viewers of Big Brother know that, twists and other producer-driven shenanigans aside, the foremost, long-running theme of an average Big Brother season is the dominance of The Male Alliance. 1,411 more words

Big Brother

Being a Reasonable Adult

My roommate. Again. Let’s call her Sally.

Sally is legally an adult but sometimes I don’t really think she’s an adult.

Today we’re going to use her as an example of how not to be an adult. 607 more words