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What is the Barnett Formula?

The Barnett Formula has been getting a lot of airtime today as politicians and pundits discuss the future of the British constitution. So what is it, and why is it controversial? 339 more words

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Article in "The Conversation" on the Scottish independence vote

I published a long piece earlier today about the Scottish independence vote — and, in particular, its constitutional implications for the UK as a whole. I have also written a much shorter article for  10 more words

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What of Opposition in Scotland Now?

As I walked through the streets of Glasgow today, I noticed two things: firstly, the sight of a trampled Yes sign in the middle of the road that seemed to be mimicking my emotions, and secondly, it occurred to me that all I could hear in the air was politics. 449 more words


A vote for Better Together is not a vote for more devolution…

This morning following the result in the Referendum on Independence in Scotland, The Rt Hon David Cameron MP, First Lord of the Treasury, (and Prime Minister) made a statement in Downing Street. 1,510 more words

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Scotland has voted decisively to stay - now devolution must be delivered

Today’s result came as a relief to many but it is not an excuse for complacency. Jim Gallagher writes that both Westminster and Holyrood must consider the lessons learned from the campaign and start delivering politics for Scotland, not just about Scotland. 659 more words


Scotland has voted “no”. What next for the UK constitution?

After a very long — and at times electrifying — campaign, a modest but decisive majority of those who participated in the referendum on Scottish independence have voted “no”. 3,281 more words

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English City-Regions Devo Max

Whether Scotland votes ‘yes’ or ‘no’ the genie is well and truly out of the bottle on the issues of democracy and local devolution.  As the Prime Minister said in June 2014 there is… 938 more words