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Why companies should embrace OSS and the DevOps movement. | IngloriousDevOps

Thanks Alvarito, It’s really good get you onboard….

I don’t want to expose a vision where nothing else exists beside the Open Source Software but to compete technologically we have to know the ecosystem or even better to innovate must know the tools and work with the right people for the job, people who can integrate all kinds of solutions, but who are this guys? 46 more words


Stop users from abandoning your app. Use End User Monitoring

With the growth of web and mobile apps, the app owner’s focus has shifted from keeping his app infrastructure available to keeping his users happy. Hence, End User Experience Monitoring has evolved as one of the… 103 more words


Debugging API POSTs with Apache 2.4, Ubuntu 14.04 and dump_io

I needed to assist with debugging an API issue and had to enable dump_io on apache in order to capture all POST parameters.  I found several articles about this, but all were slightly different.   78 more words


ALM Rangers release PowerShell DSC guidance

This summer I was the project lead on the Microsoft Visual Studio ALM Rangers Desired State Configuration (DSC) guidance. Our product owner, Keith Bankston, describes PowerShell DSC very well in the forward: 140 more words


Wax On, Wax Off

“Wow, you’ve run an ultramarathon. That must have been hard.”

“Kinda, I guess.”

That’s often how the conversation goes when someone finds out I’ve run an ultramarathon (any race over 26.2 miles). 683 more words


Five Gators Of The Apocalypse?

I generally dislike war and military metaphors for team and making activities.   Admittedly IT has a lot to learn from the military in terms of teams and scale, but in the wrong hands these metaphors seem to encourage unproductive conflict and… 514 more words


The Power of Choice

I don’t remember who said it, but I once heard that “Cloud Computing is economically inevitable”. This may sound like an over-enthusiastic claim made by cloud vendors eager for our business. 913 more words