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#DevOps - Organic versus Transformational DevOps

Despite what some people seem to think there is more to DevOps than just Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure Automation with Puppet, Chef or Ansible.

To me, DevOps is “an alternative model for the creation of business value from the software development life-cycle that encompasses a product-centric view across the entire product life-cycle (from inception to retirement) and recognises the value in close collaboration, experimentation and rapid feedback”. 390 more words


Wish to use apt-get similar type cmd in windows ? - Part2

In this  post, Lets see how we can get more “Chocolatey” on windows using Boxstarter

What is Box Starter ?

Boxstarter is resilient script which works with Chocolatey during the installation of various windows packages. 209 more words


Release maturity Model

Here is the component of a release maturity Model
Level 0 source contol
single repository

  • commit or check in for main truck ( the main line we always be in synch with the latest)
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Day One at DevNation - through a DevOps Lens

With the individual tracks coming to close on Day One at DevNation conference, I wanted to share the key takeaways, funny comments, and facepalm moments I experienced. 595 more words


Setting up Cassandra cluster in EC2 in debian environment for Virgin Pulse staging environment

This document describes the necessary steps of spinning up a 3 nodes Cassandra cluster in EC2 from scratch.

Since it is not going to be a production environment, we are going to be conservative on spinning up the Cassandra cluster right from selecting the AMI plus the number of nodes in the cluster. 417 more words


Rocking Docker - OpenCrowbar builds solid foundation & life-cycle [VIDEOS]

Docker has been gathering a substantial about of interest as an additional way to solve application portability and dependency hell.  We’ve been enthusiastic participants in this fledgling community ( 442 more words


OIC speaker interview 5: Roy Illsley, Principal Analyst, Software - IT Solutions, Ovum

In the latest of our Ovum Industry Congress Q&As, Roy Illsley, Principal Analyst, Software – IT Solutions, Ovum, discusses DevOps, software-defined networking, automation and how these game-changers are impacting CIOs. 499 more words

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