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Captive web portals are considered harmful

Recently, when I tried to access http://slashdot.org/ in Firefox, I would see my browser title bar flash briefly to “AT&T GUI”, and then I would get redirected to: … 426 more words


Bamboo and Git-flow by Example-ish

Results of my testing with Bamboo and trying to find the best way to work with it using a git-flow branching model.


Hot into testing with…

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Jenkins and Git at Plaid Speed

Why mouse around with a funny Git Parameter Plugin when you can have something that shows a current list of branches and tags?

Why clone another copy of your Git repository… 1,033 more words


Setting up a Hardware VPN connection to your AWS VPC using CloudFormation - For Dummies

In this post, we will see a detailed step by step guide for configuring a Site-to-Site, Hardware VPN connection using AWS CloudFormation.

Types of VPN connections  928 more words


Will the real change agent please stand up?

For twenty years, IT pitched itself as the ‘change agent’ in the company. More specifically, IT was positioning itself as the provocateur to bring increased value to the company, lines of business through the use of technology. 785 more words


How to Apply Network ACLs for Azure Cloud Services?

In this article, I am going to assume you already aware of azure Cloud Services . Now in Azure, when you create a virtual machine you have an feature from the management portal to specify the network ACL end points as shown below. 177 more words


A Virtual Mesos Cluster with Vagrant and Chef

Click to Read: This is a republished guest blog post by Ed Ropple. Ed is a platform engineer with Localytics. His ambition is to enable other software developers to be more productive and less error-prone. 7 more words