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I love clouds but what happens when they become full?

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Clouds are very popular these days but I am most happy with them when I am sitting in a plane above a bunch of them. 927 more words



With the reliance most web apps place on databases making sure they are always available is important for improving your reliability. I consider MySQL to be finicky (a manual master to slave fail-over at 5am is not my idea of fun), but it is what I’m stuck with. 1,323 more words


#DOES14 Conference Notes

DevOps is a thing in the Enterprise and DevOps Enterprise Summit #DOES14 certainly made the case showing organizations such as Disney, GE, Target and groups within the US Government working on DevOps styled initiatives. 566 more words


GoCD: Error updating Git material on Windows Server [SOLVED]


I have a Git material setup that uses a public git repository (private repos are another animal).

  <git url="http://mydomain/MyRepo.git" materialName="myrepo.git" />

When I trigger the pipeline that uses this material it results in an error. 395 more words


Impressions from the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2014

I spent the last 3 days at the DevOps Enterprise summit here in San Francisco and wanted to share my thoughts with those that couldn’t come over here. 881 more words


Webinar on Nov 12 - Automate mainframe and mobile deployment with IBM UrbanCode Deploy

Deployment Automation for Hybrid Cloud and Multiplatform environments

Application release and deployment practices are the backbone of the DevOps movement. But how did these practices gain such an important role in software delivery, and how can your organization benefit from a deeper understanding of the concepts? 244 more words


Under the hood, KVM and QEMU working together | CHANGE as a Service

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KVM needs Qemu (emulator) for full hypervisor functionality. QEMU is self-sufficient and  KVM is really a Linux kernel module for exploiting VT-extenstions to act as driver for the physical CPU capabilities. 36 more words