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Monitoring: an unsolved problem?

In computing, there are no good approaches to monitoring. There are lots of books on how to set up various monitoring systems; that’s not what I’m talking about.   195 more words


29th January Webcast : Mainframe Skills - The Myth and the Reality

Mainframe Skills – The Myth and the Reality

People unfamiliar with z Systems think you need different skills to work with the mainframe and that mainframes are all about “green screens.” Nothing could be further from the truth!   148 more words


Mainframe Application development is not modern! Myth or reality?

Mainframe Application Development – a Myth or a Reality!

On 7th April 1964 IBM announced the launch of IBM System/360 – the first mainframe, 50 years later in 2014 IBM celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first mainframe computer. 574 more words


PHP's mail() function, Linux and an external SMTP server

If you find yourself needing to move some PHP code from Windows to Linux, you might become disappointed when you come to look at the mail() function. 316 more words


Add tracelistener with powershell

In our deployment script we automate the installation and configuration of our product. For Development and Test environment we want to log everything to a file. 189 more words


Doing the previous example using Puppet

I’ve said it openly and say it over again, I don’t like puppet, however, you never know.


node 'perforce.netzwerk.mx' {
    include perforce

Having defined the nodes in the manifest, it’s time to move on to the modules. 168 more words


Google Hangout Jan 28th, 3pm EST: InterConnect 2015 preview from IBM & Nationwide on #DevOps

Replay available:


Join us for a Google Hangout* with a distinguished panel of guests as we discuss: Adopting DevOps for Two-Speed IT.

With IBM InterCnnect 2015 just a month away, three featured presenters will give us an Interconnect preview… 86 more words