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What I Think When Your Website Is "Down for Maintenance"

We have two dogs at home, one of whom is “microchipped” in case she wanders off or we lose her. We pay $18 a year to a company to keep our dog’s information available to whomever finds her. 652 more words

DevOps Days Toronto, 2014

Last week I attended the second Canadian DevOps Days event which was the first to be held in Toronto. DevOps days is a conference dedicated to DevOps. 541 more words

Find your DevOps sessions at TechEd Europe

DevOps is one of the most written-about terms in the world of agile development and continuous delivery. The lasted Countdown to TechEd Europe Show are focusing on the DevOps and the Spotlight feature of the schedule builder. 179 more words


Slides: DevOps - Using Lean Thinking to identify and address Delivery Pipeline bottlenecks

My thoughts on how ‘Lean Thinking’ techniques can be leveraged to help identify ‘bottlenecks’ in your delivery pipeline that can be addressed by adopting DevOps. 19 more words


Continuous Delivery Hangout - Let's Discuss DevOps and Agile, Shall We?

I’m a panelist on a Electric Cloud’s Continuous Delivery hangout – you’re invited!

On October 8th I’ll be joining an online panel of experts in agile development, DevOps, CI, Deployment Automation and Continuous Delivery, hosted by Electric Cloud who have done large Continuous Delivery projects for organizations like SpaceX, Cisco, GE and E*TRADE. 120 more words


Docker Strange Dev: How I learned to stop worrying and love the VM

A couple of months back, my laptop died. I recall the day I brought it home for the first time; still in college, making a big decision to go with the top model at the time, thinking, “Well, it should last at least 5 years.”  — it lasted 7 years.   947 more words


Veteran of the Process Wars

Tokyo. I’m still in Tokyo. I wake up, rub the sleep from my eyes, and roll out of bed. As I rise I take a quick look at my watch for any new emails. 665 more words