Tags » Devotional Poetry

Claws so protective
Fangs so vicious
Heart so gentle
Love so kind
hear you
I feel you
We are one


Lets take a walk
under the starry sky.
                Just the two of us
             and never let it end.
It was under the night sky
that I knew… 10 more words


Thr Transcendental Goddess

The method in her madness
She, being she
the surer she
it was easier;

The light in her darkness
She, being she
the purer she… 51 more words


i love you

three words
i feared the most
now are not enough.

these words
will have to do,
until more are created.

three little words
with so much meaning
just for you, Darling.


Of Hearts and Keys...

Of hearts and keys…
Of feathers and scales…
Take the skeleton key to my heart.
As I trust it in your hands alone…
To place it upon those golden scales. 103 more words



Threads weaving together so tightly.
Red and Gold spinning round and round,
Glittering its intent for all to see.

Time has been cruel
With each tragedy the threads fray. 59 more words


Untitled Catastrophe

Your eyes,
How You look at me -
My blood is ice,
My heart melts,
I am riveted in place.
I can only wait, 8 more words