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DFW and YOU: Paradise

A project from my friend Natalie S. and her colleagues in the RTVF program at UNT.

DFW and YOU: Paradise from DFWandYOU on Vimeo.

Philosophy As A Way Of Life

The Surprising Happy Ending of Infinite Jest

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Part from when I was talking to my friend H, and part from lingering thoughts from the text, I couldn’t help but wonder if Hal’s inability to speak at the beginning (last scene temporally) of the novel comes from a form of learned helplessness. 1,194 more words

Drooling Men, Tow Trucks, Displacement, and the Inner Infant

Discussing DFW’s Infinite Jest scene of the Inner Infant group: p.795-808

If you are like me (which could be another can of worms) you found the Inner Infant scene to be a perfect example of Wallace’s hysterical set-ups. 978 more words

Pain, Anxiety, and The Lobster

While reading “Consider the Lobster” by DFW, your assigned correspondent (to borrow DFW’s term) kept making side speculations of the essay, in addition to the forefronted issues that the essay addresses. 957 more words

In Response to Reading "Tennis Player Michael Joyce's Pofessional Artistry as a Paradigm of Certain Stuff about Choice, Freedom, Discipline, Joy, Grotesquetrie, and Human Completeness"

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In response to reading “M. Joyce” by David Foster Wallace (DFW), I couldn’t help but notice my reaction to Wallace’s reactions to both the tennis players’ concept of vision and that of a special spectator/audience sight, whereby I conclude, after a frustrating and yet tantalizingly fathomable bout with myself, that Wallace presents an impenetrable cycle of seeing, reacting, and being seen. 799 more words

Coffee Shop Caravan

In conjunction with a few of my fellow coffee addicts, I’ve decided to start a new blog, (which I assume you are reading now) and photo series dedicated to the non-chain coffee establishments across the globe. 650 more words