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All Is Lost: getting to grips with mortality

Redford in ‘All Is Lost’: a modern day Sisyphus

The other night I found myself adrift with Robert Redford somewhere in the Indian Ocean, catching up with… 1,639 more words


Three Voices of Easter

D.H. Lawrence once wrote a short story called The Rocking Horse Winner.  It tells the story of a family who are outwardly, successful but behind the scenes there is great anxiety about money. 758 more words

Start The Week

Week 33: The Illustrated NorthernReader

Just back from an exhilarating jaunt to Barter Books in Alnwick. I resisted the temptation to simply give them power of attorney over my bank account and scoop up all their delectable offerings, but I did wallow in joyful recognition of These We Have Loved. 939 more words

Francis's liveblog based on the opening remarks of the conference


The bit that was cut the section where he “sits erect on the bed”.

Wanting to know what it’s like to be Clara.

10:20… 220 more words

Delegate Biographies And Details

Sex, which breaks us into voice

In all of nature, the tortoise is one of the most unlikely animals to be featured in a poem about sex. Yes, of course they are sexually reproducing organisms, and therefore in order for reproduction to occur, there must be an act of sex, but…tortoises? 961 more words


Are books more than stories, and what does that mean now?

I read today about a couple who sold up to sail around the world with their three-year-old daughter. They got rid of everything except for two antique chairs and their books. 418 more words

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People (with D H Lawrence)

There is something liberating about being able to write…type…be oneself, living spontaneously and e-nonymously in the middle of a big city, even if only for a while. 249 more words