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Unplugging yourself from media for the masses

This adjustment to your life style may produce more benefit than any other aspect of a Buddhist life, for instance, more than an intensive daily meditation practice. 713 more words


The Thousands

Better than a thousand vacuous speeches
is one sane word leading to peace.

Better than a thousand vacuous verses
is one sane line leading to peace. 252 more words


Drowning in Suffering

It has gotten to the point where I quite literally feel as if I am drowning in suffering. The disagreements between my wife and I continue unabated and constantly threaten to escalate into open conflicts and I find myself wondering how it is possible to both practice the Path and be in such a trying circumstance. 214 more words


Bare Necessities

A bird, wherever it goes, is happy because it is free of burdens. The monk

who travels is happy with a single set of robes and a bowl for his daily food. 24 more words


A Difficult Day

Today began early as we roused the troops to make a 5:40am river boat tour before travelling for several hours to oir next destination in San Jose. 240 more words


the cousins Buddhism and Christianity

Hi all

For me much of what the Christians believe and do is strongly influenced by the Buddha’s teaching and Christianity itself seems to be a hybrid of aspects of the Buddha’s teaching – a perfect man, and Judaism (and Brahmanism) sacrifice to atone for sin, see… 343 more words


Sticking with It

I have made the determination or aditthana to practice the brahmaviharas at all times and have been enjoying much more ease as a result. This is especially true during the many and varied encounters we have with various drivers, guides, shopkeepers and service people. 193 more words