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Daily Words of the Buddha ~ July 29, 2014

Dhammapīti sukhaṃ seti
vippasannena cetasā.
Ariyappavedite dhamme
sadā ramati paṇḍito.

One who drinks deep the Dhamma
lives happily with a tranquil mind.
The wise one ever delights in the Dhamma… 25 more words


Eid Mubarak

Eid is here which means the fast of Ramadhan is over. Although I never quite expected it to have auxh an effect this year was tough and caused my plans for the last thirty days to veer significantly off course. 117 more words



I’m not sure about tye cause but my routine has been completely off for the last few days. In reality it may just be that I have overscheduled myself and that the delicate balance required to fulfill my own self-imposed obligaions is just not realistic outside of a vacuum. 110 more words


The Dhamma in China Part 3

In the last couple of posts about the Dhamma in China here and here, I talked about temples that I visited and monks that I had the chance to speak with. 367 more words



This morning has certainly been strange so far. I awoke around 4am and proceeded to follow my normal routine but as it the morning went on my mind continued to darken to the point where it was hard to see through it. 262 more words


Ajahn Chah on doing good for the sake of goodness - not to become a good person

“We should do good for the sake of goodness, not in order to become a ‘good person’. If we are a ‘good person’ then we will suffer. 37 more words

Unchallenged Aversion

Over the past few months I have noticed that my practice has skewed much more towards the brahmaviharas and in a very specific way. Perhaps as a result of the influence of the book by Jeffrey Hopkins I read (A Truthful Heart) the technique I used to cultivate th brahmaviharas changed from one which used metta as the key and progressed through groups of people to one which used karuna for a specific person a way to gain entry. 353 more words